Across the Net with Daniel Simko - Feb. 8, 2013

G'day LMU tennis fans,

We are fully into the "swing" of things for this semester and have already played a number of matches. Unfortunately the results have not gone our way thus far, but that's college tennis, each person plays a critical role to the teams success. The team travelled to Iowa to play 2 teams in indoor conditions, which was a great experience. A large majority of the teams around the country play most of the year indoors due to the freezing weather, so it was fantastic being able to see the indoor facilities and experience the different atmosphere playing indoors. It was so cold one of the mornings that our coach Aaron was able to walk on river that had frozen over and Jack nearly fell flat on his backside when he didn't realize that the road had a thin layer of ice on it.

We have an exciting weekend lined up with two matches on the road. Saturday we will face Santa Barbara, and Sunday we will play Cal Poly. Both matches are going to be hard fought battles, and hopefully we can show some grit and put in a great team performance.

The team has one new member this semester with local Cris Rivera from Santa Monica joining the squad. He has been playing some great tennis and I love how he fights for every point! Keep an eye out for him this season!

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Go Lions.

Daniel Simko