Logan's Thoughts - Feb. 5, 2013

Hey there LMU tennis fans!

            February is already here! We are inching our way closer to consistent warm temperatures and healthy people overcoming their sicknesses. Getting sick in college is the worst!  When one person gets sick, it's nearly impossible for others not to catch whatever bug is roaming around campus. Unfortunately, I caught this little 'bug.' It started with a sore throat and quickly turned to a flu. Living in such close quarters with my roommates and being around my teammates everyday for long periods of time, I have warned them all to take every pre-cautions for getting sick. Emergen-C and Vitamin C is key at a time like this! I am extremely stubborn when it comes to being sick, so I think I am better than I actually am, when I realize I'm not, and I really just need to just stay in bed and let this sicknesss just run its course. I finally gave in and got an appropriate and relaxing 12 hours of sleep. And oh man, that made all the difference! Our coach keeps suggesting to our team that we get flu shots, and after this little sick period, I wouldn't say that's such a bad idea!

            Our strength training coach, Nick gave us little gifts this week in weights. He helps us get fit in the gym, and he gives us gifts? What a guy! We all got our own foam rolls and stretch bands which will be very useful for us prior to getting on the court as well as after to stretch out all of those body kinks and sore muscles. Coach Jamie and Nick want us to incorporate the foam roll and stretch band into a routine every time we step on the court. Sure, it might require a little more time, but it will be worth it in the end when we are not aching the next day with unbearable pain. Our body can be fresh and ready for the next day of tennis whether it's practice or for a match. Otherwise, we might need to take an additional step back and take it slow so the body can recover a little from the harsh strain that was put on it the day before. So I think this new addition to our regular routine will make a difference in our success this season! Plus I think we look pretty cool lugging around our little foam rolls around!

            We had an awesome weekend of tennis! Your LMU Lady Lions pulled out a major upset against No. 39 ranked CSULB (CSU Long Beach) on Friday. I am so proud of all of them! We had a really tough match against them last year where it came down to the bitter end so it was really nice to get the victory this time around! Sweet revenge! On Sunday, we lost a tough match against UC Irvine but we battled hard!

My Switzerland teammate, Lisa turned 22 on Wednesday. As a team, we took her out to Venice for dinner to celebrate! Venice is such a fun place to go, and we're so lucky that it's a short distance from campus...yet another reason to love LMU.

            Next week, we have a match against UC Riverside on Thursday at 1:30! Come out and support and wish your Lady Lions good luck!

Until next time!