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Hey there tennis fans!

October is already coming to a close. Seriously, where does time go? That school and tennis grind really makes us lose track of days. We are feeling that light fall breeze start to kick in the air. The days have been warm, but right around 5 pm, it starts to get a little chilly. Even though we haven't been really used to putting on sweatshirts or throwing on sweat pants, due to the consistent warm temperatures, cold weather is creeping in whether we like it or not. It's important now that we stay warm after practice and put on our sweatshirts or pants after we finish. I've heard around school that people are starting to get sick, so we must make sure that we are staying away from that. Having been here for two years, I am well aware that LMU sicknesses spread like wildfire.

Our team meeting consisted of Coach Jamie's overall evaluation of our tournaments thus far. There is no denying that every member of our team is a feisty competitor and wants to win not only for themselves but also for the team as a whole. And that's great! That's what your fellow teammates and coaches like to see. However, it is never good to get too bottled up with the stats and results of a match. Winning essentially comes down to believing; believing deep down that nothing is going to come in the way of you and victory. Jamie mentioned that some of us get too caught up with winning, hitting the perfect shot, or a shot better or stronger than the opponent so you are statistically ahead in scoring which ultimately puts you in better position to win. Sure all of that is important to some degree. However, it is not nearly as important as first finding in yourself to believe that you can win. If you don't first believe in yourself, than what sord of motivation is going to help carry you through? This definitely struck a chord with me. Jamie is absolutely right, and I know I am definitely guilty for sometimes lacking a belief mechanism. It seems so simple, yet I think people look beyond it when they really should pay more attention to it.

With a weekend off of a tournament this past weekend, our team still can't get away from one another. We went to our usual team lunch spot, Panini, on Saturday after practice for a little bonding time. Every time my parents will come to town, I always make sure I take them to Panini. It is so good! And I honestly would never have discovered it Coach Jamie did not take us there originally. Our team has great chemistry as a whole and everyone contributes a unique personality to the team that is refreshing and never a dull moment to say the least. It was nice that we had the rest of the weekend off free of tough tennis match brawls. A little relaxation is always a good thing.

Next weekend, LMU Women's Tennis takes on the south! We are headed to Alabama for the Alberta Alison Fall Classic! It also happens to be Halloween weekend when the team heads over there. So it should be quite the road trip! Wish us ladies luck this week!

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Hey there tennis fans!

            Us Lions have been quite busy this past month. Intensive practices during the week sprinkled with a heavy school work load wipes us out! Yes, it's midterm season again, but then again, it feels like it's always midterm season! And I know I'm not alone in saying this! Because there is a tournament every weekend, it's important that we are on top of our workload during the week and coordinate with our teachers in terms of rescheduling tests or whanot.

            Being a student-athlete has really taught us to be proactive with everything we do whether it's getting to practice on time, eating and hydrating appropriately throughout the day, meeting with our professors during office hours if necessary, getting our homework done, and then squeezing some down time to ourselves because it is so important to take breaks because it seems that free time is limited. This week, I really found how valuable breaks really are.

            I had a really tough academic week last week with a ton of papers and a couple midterms that all seemed to pile all at once....typical. At every free second, Ihad when I wasn't in class or at tennis, I was doing my work. I didn't get enough sleep and was not taking care of my body. It hit me Thursday afternoon that I was completely exhausted and burnt out. My roommates approached me because they were somewhat worried about me because I seemed to look way too stressed out.  I realized I was so consumed with my work that I never gave myself "me" time to just sit down and relax a little bit.

I was so concerned I wasn't going to finish my work on time, but the truth of the matter is, by spending so much time doing all of my work, I never refreshed my brain to continue working. I was probably not as productive as I would have been if I took breaks. That was my big lesson of the week and from here on out, no matter how much work I know I have to do, I am going to make sure that I give myself some quality time to myself to just chill and not do anything. I will definitely be in better shape in the long run. Moral of the story, 'balance' is key especially when you are a collegiate athlete.

8 girls headed down to San Diego this weekend for Regionals at Barnes Tennis Center. Everyone put a lot of great efforts in practice during the week and they looked in great shape for competition this past weekend. This tournament format was different than the others in that there was one main draw for all the competitors and there was also a back draw. Three girls (Laura, Miya and Kristine) advanced to the Round of 32. Our very own freshmen superstar, Jessica did an amazing job this past weekend!  She reached the finals and lost a nail-biter match against UC Irvine's Kat Facey in the finals, 7-6. 7-6. We know there's only more great things to come from her! She really repped our school well and I am so honored to call her my teammate. We are all so proud of her!

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it's been a long day...


Hey there tennis fans!

            We would be lying if we didn't say that our soreness has gotten the best of us. But in a great way... It's the type of soreness that we know we are getting stronger from and are really reaping the benefits from the weight room as well as on the court. By altering the weight program compared to previous years, I personally feel that more muscles are being worked and our bodies will be healthy and capable of tackling anything long term. We are lifting heavier than what we are typically used to as tennis players but we do them in small reps which is tolerable.

            Besides keeping our bodies athletic and strong at practice, another huge part about being an athlete that some people overlook sometimes is nutrition. Nutrition is so so key for providing us with fuel before and after workouts and as well as throughout the day. Nutrition can absolutely affect performance. You have to eat something that will give you enough energy to sustain through the duration of practice sessions, otherwise you will eventually fatigue. Coach Jamie does have us on those UCAN shakes, which we all are getting in a much better habit of using regularly.

In addition, we just had our first round of meetings with our nutritionist, Sarah. She is awesome! She actually trains Jamie when he hits the gym every morning at 5 AM....what a stud! We are so lucky to have Sarah. She will be a great resource and is really excited about getting us all on individual meal plan programs so we will never have to question what the appropriate thing to eat at certain times. She will put together something for us. We all made individual goals for ourselves and meeting with her frequently will be great so we can check in with her and discuss the progress we've been making week to week.

This past weekend in Moraga for the St. Mary's tournament, Reka, Eli, Miya and Jessica all played amazing tennis against top ranked schools such as Stanford, Washington, Cal as well as other fierce teams like Cal Poly, St. Mary's, Santa Clara and University of Pacific (who just joined our conference this year.) Special shoutout to Miya for reaching the finals of her division. She fought hard and had an awesome weekend!


This coming weekend is regional's at the Barnes Tennis Center in San Diego! Wish us girls luck this week! We'd really appreciate it!

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Hey there tennis fans!

            I hope you all enjoyed the warm weather this weekend! The fall months are vastly approaching, but the summer sun is still hanging around for a little longer. We have to take advantage of the nice temperatures as much as we can because yoga pants and uggs season is on its way!

            We were sad to hear that our pilates instructor, Roxanne (who's been our instructor since my freshmen year) is taking a leave of absence due to health reasons and should be expected to return next semester. For the returning players, this was sad news, because we have really established good relationships with her both on a personal level as well as in the yoga studio. She will be missed but we are optimistic about her return. In the meantime, we have a replacement instructor who is currently an LMU grad student and part time yoga instructor as well. She knows her stuff and is incredibly flexible. If only we were as incredibly flexible as she is...We are lucky she's so patient with us so we are attempting stretches correctly rather than running the risk of injuring ourselves.

            We finished our fourth and final week of our first circuit of weight training. Thank goodness, because those weights were getting heavy by that final week. Our strength coach, Nick, monitors our weight progression each week by recording what weights we started out with from week one to the final week. It's super important that we stick to the weights that are set for us individually because each person's set program varies slightly.

            Four of your lady lions traveled to Long Beach this past weekend for a tournament. It was definitely a major success! Every player went home with good wins. Miya Jin won her singles flight, Reka Rohonyi was a finalist in her flight, Kristine placed fourth in her flight and Laura Mueller placed third in her flight. Reka and Miya got third in their doubles division And Laura and Kristine won their doubles flight. I'm so proud of all the girls and this is a big confidence booster going forward with the tournaments ahead!

            This coming weekend, the girls will be heading up north to the bay area to compete in the St. Mary's tournament which is a big one with a lot of top name schools like Cal and Stanford so wish us ladies good luck if you see us around!

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