Hey there tennis fans!

            I hope you all enjoyed the warm weather this weekend! The fall months are vastly approaching, but the summer sun is still hanging around for a little longer. We have to take advantage of the nice temperatures as much as we can because yoga pants and uggs season is on its way!

            We were sad to hear that our pilates instructor, Roxanne (who's been our instructor since my freshmen year) is taking a leave of absence due to health reasons and should be expected to return next semester. For the returning players, this was sad news, because we have really established good relationships with her both on a personal level as well as in the yoga studio. She will be missed but we are optimistic about her return. In the meantime, we have a replacement instructor who is currently an LMU grad student and part time yoga instructor as well. She knows her stuff and is incredibly flexible. If only we were as incredibly flexible as she is...We are lucky she's so patient with us so we are attempting stretches correctly rather than running the risk of injuring ourselves.

            We finished our fourth and final week of our first circuit of weight training. Thank goodness, because those weights were getting heavy by that final week. Our strength coach, Nick, monitors our weight progression each week by recording what weights we started out with from week one to the final week. It's super important that we stick to the weights that are set for us individually because each person's set program varies slightly.

            Four of your lady lions traveled to Long Beach this past weekend for a tournament. It was definitely a major success! Every player went home with good wins. Miya Jin won her singles flight, Reka Rohonyi was a finalist in her flight, Kristine placed fourth in her flight and Laura Mueller placed third in her flight. Reka and Miya got third in their doubles division And Laura and Kristine won their doubles flight. I'm so proud of all the girls and this is a big confidence booster going forward with the tournaments ahead!

            This coming weekend, the girls will be heading up north to the bay area to compete in the St. Mary's tournament which is a big one with a lot of top name schools like Cal and Stanford so wish us ladies good luck if you see us around!

That's all for now!