Hey there tennis fans!

            Moving right along into November, we are little over a month away from finishing the semester and our fall pre-season. We know in the academic world, this means lots of final projects, papers and tests to do. The stress load is inevitable. Lucky for us, when it comes to school, your Lady Lions will get our work done! Tennis has taught us so much discipline and we can definitely utilize that discipline in our schoolwork. After all, after last season, our team finished with the highest collaborative GPA among all the sports teams here at LMU. That is so awesome, and people might overlook how incredibly difficult that is to maintain good grades at a prestigious university while playing a Division I sport. We have some smart ladies upon us, and who are all driven to accomplish their goals in college as well as look beyond the future as far as careers go after college.

            We are finishing up our last few weeks of strength training with our strength and conditioning coach, Nick Longo. Although hesitant at first to start this brand new workout program, I have to say that I have really learned to like it as the weeks went on. I never thought I would be able to bench press 90 pounds. Sure that sounds scary but Nick reaffirmed to all of us that we are strong and can definitely handle it. And he knew to push us without leading us to injury. We would do few reps, with spotters in sight so that we were super careful with our weights. It's super important that the form is correct and that we are sticking to the weights to which we have been assigned and what Nick has done a great and meticulous job of putting together for our whole team. We're very lucky to have him! Going on three years with that guy, and I really have learned so much from him and he really cares about all the teams he coaches because he believes in us and wants us to do well and compete at the highest level.

            Two final tournaments took place this weekend. 3 girls competed at the Jack Kramer's Fall Invitational, Miya, Kristine and Jessica along with our Assistant coach, Ivan.  This was a big tournament because it welcomed the big top teams in California like UCLA, Stanford and others. Kristine and Jessica both won their first rounds with wins over Mississippi State and UCSB. Due to slight injuries, both girls had to pull out of their next round. With all of the tennis they have been playing it is likely to think somewhat of a setback of an injury might come into play. But they have done such a superb job competing this fall and could use a little break!  

            Miya, our lone senior for this weekend, competed in her final fall collegiate tournament, which she admits was bittersweet. "I loved playing my last tournament at my home tennis club," she said. As a Palos Verdes native, she admits, "It was awesome having that home court advantage but I didn't do as well as I had hoped which was pretty disappointing. 

           She got a bye first round but lost a tough match against a girl from Baylor. She had a great first round constellation win over TCU before falling a little short in a tight 3-setter against a girl from Ohio State. "It's crazy to think that was my last tournament ever, but I am so excited for spring to start!"

 Julia, Ellie and Lisa went separately down with Coach Jamie to San Diego to compete in the other tournament for the weekend. Ellie and Julia were victorious in the doubles draw with a final win over CSU Northridge! So big congrats to them!

            If you see any of your LMU Lady lions walking around campus, we would appreciate some love to all our hard work this pre-season. Although we are not technically in season, most of the tournaments we played in featured a lot of the West Coast Conference teams so we got a taste of our competition for the upcoming season and more.

            I want to give a special thanks to our coaches for being so supportive and putting up with us on the weekends for these tournaments. It isn't easy traveling with a bunch of girls, but our team has some goofy characters, so I would hardly say it is ever dull being around any of us!

That's all for now! Go Lions!