Hey there tennis fans!

            I hope you all enjoyed your Halloween weekend. Halloween came at a funky time this year and it even spread to two weekends long. How can people come up with so many costumes for two full weekends? My 21st birthday also happened to overlap with Halloween weekend 2 (this past weekend), so I couldn't tell if my birthday needed to be Halloween-oriented or not! It was a great weekend, nonetheless.

            The rest of the crew, 8 girls, headed down to Alabama for the Alberta Alison Fall Classic. It was quite the memorable trip to say the least. Just heading over to Alabama by plane was a giant production. There was a sudden change in the flight reservation which forced the team to leave a day earlier than intended and have to sit through major layovers in Houston before getting to the final destination. It was rough, and quality sleep did not seem to come into play for what seemed like a 24 hour traveling experience.

The team finally arrived in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. You can say that we were the only team from California.  We looked practically foreign to them. LMU is not to be confused with LSU! I know I seem to get that perplexed comments from people from time to time. The tournament welcomed big teams like Georgia Tech, Clemson, Vanderbilt, Michigan, LSU, Northwestern, UNC Greensborough, Furman, Mississippi State, Tulane and Alabama. Lots of team and lots of tennis.

Despite the tough competition among the likes of these teams, your lions rep'd LMU well, not going out there without a fight and with poise and pride. Special congrats to Lisa who played fiercely and reached the finals of her flight with wins over Tennessee and Tulane before falling to Georgia State. Kristine also made an impressive run and cruised to a back draw victory after a win over Northwestern and LSU in the finals. In the doubles action, Ellie and Miya reached the finals of their flight. Overall the weekend was a success and I am so proud of all my teammates for all their efforts this past weekend. They have been working so hard and it shows that they can compete against any team even outside the west coast bubble

The trip back home was once again, a big production. Somehow the Alabama airport shut down and your lions had to stay there for yet another day. Humor seemed to replace the frustration that everyone had with wanting to get home, back to Cali. The exhaustion they felt made everyone delusional. And they finally arrived back Monday morning. Despite the traveling mishaps and lots of airport lounging, these are the memories that our team takes with us for the rest of our lives.

This coming weekend, we have a tournament back in San Diego again, so wish us luck this week! 

That's all for now!


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