Hey there tennis fans!

            We may all be wrapped up with our competitive tennis portion of our fall season, but that is not to say we don't have a little more competitive edge left in us! We have to because all the work off the court (weight lifting and fitness) is all being tested in order to see if we how much our strength and conditioning has improved throughout this preseason. First test to conquer was....the beep test...the one we look forward to the most (just kidding). Most of us were discouraged with our results, but Coach Jamie reiterated that at this point in the semester, our bodies are slightly fatigued. Surely we are not supposed to produce our best results. We have spent so many hours on the court and have competed our hearts out nearly every weekend at tournaments. Throw in spin and pilates and strength training three times a week and you can imagine after almost 4 months in, our bodies are feeling it.  

            Following the beep test on Saturday morning, we all commenced for a team meeting. Coach Jamie delivered a friendly reminder of what we should always keep in the back of our minds when we come to tennis everyday, even if it is just for an ordinary practice. We must think of our long-term goal, the ultimate goal of winning the WCC (West Coast Conference) Championship. When season rolls around in January, we have to take each match, whether it's in our conference or not, and play as if it is a critical match in our bitter competition conference of the WCC. We have 23 matches to play and we must compete in a system that is moving backwards more or less. When we get our first match win down, we think okay, now we let's win the rest that we have ahead of us. Jimbo really emphasized how optimistic of a coach that he is and he wants to train us all to be optimists as we approach our season. Confident in what we can and are capable of accomplishing if we simply just believe and set our mind to it.

            We hit the strength training gym this week for testing for bench press, squats and an assortment of others. I think this will be interesting to test because we have definitely underestimated how strong we really are. But we have definitely pleasantly surprised ourselves throughout the course of this semester session.

            On Saturday night, we put our tennis gear aside and got all dressed up for athlete formal. Last year was the first year LMU hosted an athlete formal, and it's definitely a great way to bring all the athletes together in a completely different environment than what we see of each other everyday. I love seeing how nicely people can look.  I hope they continue the tradition of this for years to come. It was definitely team bonding at its finest. The turnout was a lot more than last year too, which was great to show that each year it's improving in the number of athletes attending.


            We're coming in the home stretch, and I know we are very excited to get a little mini break next week for Thanksgiving!

That's all for now!