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Hey there tennis fans!

No messing around, the LMU Women's Tennis team is back in business! In our opening home match against Concordia this past Saturday, the Lions crushed Concordia Eagles 7-0. Sure there were first match jitters (especially for the newbies) and ancy feet, but we all came together as a team and took care of each our matches to get the win. It's a solid first victory for us and a nice way to tip off the season especially as we head into an intense week of matches to come.

We even attracted some fans to the crowds with our appealing free pizza advertising! Hey, sometimes we have to give the people what they want...and who would turn down free pizza? I think they realized it was an early Saturday afternoon worth spending when they got to watch the Lions kill it on the court in addition to the free meal.

For those of you who don't know, we just resurfaced our courts over Christmas  break so they are a little slower than what we are used ti but I think overall we are adapting to it well. In addition, we have added a tennis shed right next to the courts where we can now put all our equipment in instead of sharing a room with several other teams. The shed is a great place for all the team together prior to matches for pre-rituals as well as for other various team meetings where Coach Jamie and Ivan can utilize the white board we put in and jot down goals for the day or for that particular match etc.

I've teased that idea of putting some couches in there and throw in a flat screen, perhaps some fun lights and we can turn it into a lounge room as well. But I guess for the time being, we'll keep it to storing all of our equipment and other things needed for the team. We would eventually like to hang action shots on the walls in the shed or other pictures of motivation to get us fired up in there.  

At the end of practice on Wednesday, Coach Jamie brought us all together for a pretty startling announcement. Our strength trainer, Nick Longo, who has been here at LMU for as long as I have been a student-athlete here (3 years) is leaving the Athletics Program for a promotion at Colorado State that is certainly in an area for which he has shown a lot of passion. He has been such an awesome guy and he truly cares about each and every one of his athletes. He will push us to limits we think we never can reach and give us some major tough love, which has made us emotionally and physically stronger. He has without a doubt been one of my biggest inspirations and motivators as a coach. And we have been very lucky to have him! Although we are really going to miss him, we wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.

Coming up this week, we have a schedule packed of 3 matches. We first face UCLA on Wednesday on their home turf, following UCSB on Saturday and finally Cal Poly SLO on Sunday both at home. It is extremely important that we take care of our bodies before and after our matches so recover fast and can bounce back into the matches to follow. We would love your support this week.





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Hey there tennis fans!

On behalf of LMU Women's Tennis, I hope you all had an exciting and relaxing holiday season and a great start to 2014! Bring on the new year! To new beginnings, new classes, new routines and a brand new season for your lady lions! We are all aware that LA doesn't have a 'real' winter and especially this time around. It's like we are jump-starting back into school from summer vacation! I know I am not alone in saying that I am not complaining. My teammates who ventured back to the cold in Europe for the holidays were experiencing drastically different weather. I know that for sure because they have all lost their tans....rough. With this blistering heat at the prime of winter here in LA, I'd say their color will return in no time!

A 4-week break was a much-needed time away from school, but I will say by week 3, I was missing LMU, my second home, the place I have fallen so hard for since freshmen year. Knowing that I have 3 remaining semesters left of college, more than ever, I want to cherish all the memories here especially with my tennis team. After all, they are like family. We've all seen each other in the best of times as well as through the tough times. But that's what has brought us together so well in such a unique atmosphere. I'm so excited to be reunited with them all again and get the season rolling! Oh and of course we missed Coach Jamie and Ivan...those troopers who are brave to put up with all of that estrogen. We all know that is no sinch.   

It was a long first week back. We have been away from a regular routine for so long, it definitely will take a little time to get back into the swing of things again with all new classes and a new practice/game schedule. We were not completely out of routine over break, however, because Nick, our strength training coach assured that we stick to our winter workout program religiously. It's one of those workout programs that is necessary for regularity because each week alters in weights. Oh and not to mention we were immediately welcomed back to school with fitness and strength testing our first week back. I mean hey, season is officially here. We have to be proactive with maintaining healthy and strong bodies. And once we get into matches, there is no turning back; match play will be constant.

We did the split squat test, the bench press test, the vertical jump test, an agility test, and lastly, of course, our beloved beep test.... I am so proud of all my teammates efforts this past week with testing. I can definitely tell that they all worked hard over break to keep up with all their fitness. Nick's goals for us were to improve our results from our previous test results before break. With the exception of one or two tests, most if not all of my team improved their scores. That's so awesome! This puts us in a great position moving forward as we enter into our beginning matches.

We did a lot of pattern hitting so we can hit a lot of balls and feel comfortable with our strokes. And we've also been experimenting with potential doubles pairs for season. 

This coming Saturday we face Concordia in our opening match at 11 and we would love some true Lion support! Hope to see you all out there! Have a great week!

That's all for now,


Pictured below is pictures from everyone's break. 


Miya (right) celebrating New Years


Laura (far left) out with friends in Germany



Kristine hanging out with Viktoria Azarenka

Madison (right) spending time at home with her sister


Jessica with her pup


Ana Lucia (right) hiking with her sister


Lisa (right) and her twin sister back home in Switzerland


Reka and her boyfriend at the Santa Monica Pier


my brother and myself at the Rose Bowl game 

Julia showin off her new wheels



Ellie (right) with Laura and Julia on our first weekend back