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Hey there tennis fans!

This past Tuesday was our strength trainer, Nick Longo's last day pushing us in the gym. He's not the most sentimental of guys so it was no wonder when his send off wasn't as heartfelt but it was motivating and just so him. No tears shed, but deep down I know he will really miss us. We're a memorable bunch. 2-3 times of gym workouts week after week--and for me personally as well as a few other my teammates, the past three years--we are bound to form this bond with him. I know he will intimidate his next victims to no end, but they will all learn to love him like I know my team did.


We played Long Beach away where they came in with absolutely no mercy and collectively outplayed us, however there were close matches that took place throughout the line up. In fact most of your Lady Lions walked off the court saying, "I lost, but I played really well." Happy losses are always better than a loss on its own. If you can walk away from a loss with optimism, it will surely carry over in the next matches that we play dismissing that negative energy that sometimes is difficult to avoid especially fresh out of a match.

Coach Jamie gave us a little pep talk during our practice on Saturday that definitely hit home for a lot of us. A lot of the times, we tend to over-analyze on the court whether it's from shot selection, reactions to errors or even the littlest of things. We sometimes pick out the most microscopic technical flaws when really we should just focus on the next point or game plan and not dwell on what has already happen because at that point, nothing can be done to change the past, just work to improve on the next point. He brought up this "Paralysis by Analysis" phrase which happens to be a fatal disease for an athlete in the heat of battle. These factors that tend to be overanalyzed can more often than not build up and can affect our performances out there on the court during match time. Match time, is not the time to worry whether or not our strokes are there, rather we have to use the skills we have and some aspects of our games might be working stronger than others but you have to work with what you got. I know that I am definitely not alone in relating to that, and I think Jamie did a great job of bringing this to our attention because some of us might be subconsciously 'overanalyzing' that it might be negatively affect our match results.

No lazy Sunday for us. We played our home match against CSU Fullerton. After losing the doubles point, we knew we needed to clutch at least 4 singles matches in order to get the win. Kristine rocked it at the No. 1 spot and Reka, Ellie and Julia hung tough and overcame obstacles throughout their matches to take care of business and finish with proud victories. We did what we had to do to win. Every match, Jamie puts a word on the white board in our tennis shed as something to focus on when we get into our matches. Our word was 'together' and we definitely worked together to accomplish our goals and come up on top. It was a great win overall for us and one that we will carry with us as we enter our near prime of the season.




These three, Ellie, Julia and Reka pulled out huge wins for us on Sunday!

This week we have a match on Thursday, we play Cal State Northridge at 1:30 at home. We would love to see you all out there!

That's all for now. GO LIONS!


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