Hey there tennis fans!

Just like that, the first half of the year for the Lady Lions is over, which means the seniors, including myself, only have one more semester remaining, and the most important semester to look forward to, our regular season of matches. WOW!

Once our pre-season ended the week of Thanksgiving, it seemed like time was all a blur. That is definitely due to the dumping of schoolwork on us for which we had to complete for the semester. It always gets super heavy with final tests and papers in the homestretch, but once we get out of that last final, there almost seems like no better feeling in the world.

One of my personal final projects for my sports journalism class was to write a feature one someone that I admire in sports. When I think about people in the tennis industry that I truly admire, naturally I think of Coach Jamie Sanchez who has not been an amazing coach to me but a father figure, mentor and biggest cheerleader of everything I do both on and off the court. Considering we are celebrating the 40th year of the tennis team and the 40th year as the head coach of the first women's sports program ever at LMU, I thought Jamie would be the perfect person to choose for a great article! I had a ton of fun interviewing him as well as multiple close sources of him including former teammates, player, family members, colleagues etc. I think it's safe to say that my brain is pretty filled Jamie Sanchez knowledge, and he could possibly be one of the most interesting people I have ever gotten the pleasure to know.

Since I freelance write for Inside Tennis magazine, a regional tennis publication, I thought it would be perfect if I got permission to publish the article that I was originally just writing for my final class assignment. My boss at my magazine publication was thrilled with the idea! So look out soon for my article about Jamie in the magazine. I will also post it to the main LMU tennis website so you can all take a look!

We had a nice breakaway from our studies for our annual Cheesecake Factory Secret Santa fiasco with our whole team and coaches. What better way to take in some fuel for studying than some prime cheesecake, right? 


It was really great to get everyone together one last time before we all leave in different directions for the holiday! The gift exchanges were super cute and people were so thoughtful with what they got each other. 

Our assistant coach, Ivan had me for Secret Santa and he got me Rafael Nadal's book, Rafa, that recently came out on New York's Bestseller list and Ivan knew that I have been dying to read that! I am so excited for my holiday read!


On behalf of the LMU Women's Tennis team, I hope you all had a nice Christmas and are looking forward to a wonderful, happy and healthy 2015! Your Lady Lions return back to LMU for training on January 5th and our opening match of the season is against USC on January 14th.  

At your convenience, check out the goofy Lady Lions getting silly in our annual Christmas video which is posted on the tennis homepage. Our whole team talked about our Christmas traditions back home and what we are most excited about for the holidays. You can get a taste of our personalities.

That's all for now. GO LIONS!