Hey there tennis fans!

It's been a long road! Your lady lions have been through a whirl-wind of a season. Emotions have been run high and blood, sweat and tears has been put into every practice and match we have had all year long. It's a true testament to the tremendous tenacity each and every player has each and every day we hit the court.

We finished up our last two matches on the road....literally a road trip as in, we drove. We drove up to Northern California for our match against St. Mary's followed by a Stockton trip a little farther north to play University of Pacific. The heat was brutal. St. Mary's was our first opponent and they were tough. The match didn't go our way but Jessica had a solid win at 1 singles.

Pacific was next and our final match of the regular season before the conference tournament. We literally left it all on the court. The match was close throughout. There were two hugely important matches in the end that ultimately determined the overall outcome of the match. Both Anna and Julia were initially down in their matches at no. 3 and 6 singles, but that fire in them that I admire so much kept them grinding away and they both made huge comebacks so we could ultimately secure those matches and clinch the victory 4-3 over Pacific! It was amazing and such an awesome way to end the regular season.

Coach Jamie was so proud of us and he texted us after we traveled back home after the long trip to let us know how proud he was of us and it made us feel so great. Of course we work so hard to achieve our own satisfaction of winning but we also do it for our team and for our coaches who sacrifice and incredible amount of time and effort to helping us be the best version of ourselves not only on the tennis court but off as well. It is the biggest treat for a coach to see his players utilize the skills we have been taught from our rigorous hours on the court. We're making him proud!

This is what he texted us after the big win: "Everyone, I want you to know that yesterday's match was a monumental team effort. It was one of the best experiences that I had the pleasure of experiencing as a coach. Thank you for the privilege of sharing it with me!" Jamie

Okay, I would be lying if I said I didn't get a little teary-eyed. This is exactly what we need to hear as we head into the conference tournament this coming week. On Tuesday, we head down to San Diego to play at the infamous Barnes Tennis Center for the tournament. Our first round match is "to be determined" but we more than ever, the lady lions are hungry to battle our hearts off for one last time. If you see any of us around campus this week, wish us good luck and we hope to make you all proud and bring home the championship!

That's all for now. GO LIONS!