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Hey there Lion fans!

Your Lady Lions have been busier than ever the past week or so! We were lucky enough to have Easter break last week to get a little breather from school, but we were still out battling on the courts! On Thursday, your lions killed it against Cal Poly 6-1. Shout out to Andy at the No. 3 spot for getting a 6-0 6-0 win! We all know how tough it is to get bagel sets in Division 1 college tennis, so congrats to her for staying so tough out there!

We had our first conference match against the Pepperdine waves on Saturday at their home courts, but unfortunately fell short and lost 6-1. We were disappointed we couldn't get the win against the biggest rival, but the waves did play tough. Once again, our super freshman Elvira shined on court No. 4 on Saturday! She posted an awesome 6-2 6-3 straight set victory. She has now won an impressive 7 matches in a row! We are all so proud of her for killing it her first year!

After the match, Agustin told us "We fought and that's all that matters." He always makes sure to emphasize to always fight. Even if it's not your day or something goes wrong, you must always fight. In fact, it is those bad days that you must fight the hardest because if you can fight through struggles it will make you that much better mentally. If you fight and try your best to win no matter what is preventing you from doing so, you have succeeded in some way even if you don't think so. The Lady Lions took this loss in a positive way and are more motivated than ever for the upcoming matches.

We have a chunk of some of the most important matches of the season ahead of us. We return back to our home courts this weekend taking on The University of the Pacific Tigers on Friday and the St. Mary's Gaels on Saturday. I can feel the team getting stronger and stronger every day and it is such a great feeling. It is not only that we are getting tougher, the belief is getting stronger as well. It is something I have seen grow so rapidly since the fall. I would keep an eye out for these girls the next few weeks because this is one tough squad who is ready to do great things. The Lady Lions have returned back to practice this week and everyone is healthy and ready for battle against tough opponents this weekend!

That's all for now tennis fans!


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