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Hey there lion fans!

It was a tough week for your lady lions. We had 3 matches in a row this week Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, but it was great playing back at home again! Nothing is better than playing on your home turf!

We opened up our busy week with a tough match against Georgetown. The lions started out tough clinching that doubles point with a win at the #1 and #3 spots. Georgetown came out tough in singles defeating 4 out of the six singles spots, which brought it to an overall score of 4-3 for Georgetown. Even though we lost the match, the girls fought so hard. I was actually the deciding point at 3-3, but lost the match in a tight 3rd set. It killed me not being able to win that point for my team, but I'm so lucky I have teammates that were still so proud of me for fighting and to encourage me to keep my head up.

We didn't let that loss to Georgetown bring us down! The lady lions turned it around on Wednesday and posted a big victory over Utah State. Once again the lions claimed that doubles point and started singles off with a 1-0 lead. Our freshman, Elvira was the first lion to post a singles victory defeating her opponent in straight sets, which was her third straight win in a row! So proud of her for doing so well this season, and killing it with me in doubles! It was a tough start on courts 1,2 and 3 for the lions all dropping the first set, but we all fought back and won in three sets. Unfortunately, our number 5 singles lost a tough one bringing our final score to 5-2. The coaches were so proud of us for fighting so hard today and battling back. Agustin always emphasizes to us that no matter what the score is you've got to keep fighting and that's exactly what the lady lions did!

As for the final match of the week, the lions faced a tough match against Boston University. We had a rough start in doubles losing that doubles point, but as always the lions battled back in singles. In my match on court 1, my opponent retired in the middle of the first set due to illness which brought the score automatically to 1-1. Over on court 2, our mega fighter Kristine fought so hard the first set winning in a tiebreaker 7-6. After winning that set, she closed it out nicely in the second 6-1 bringing the score to 2-1. Unfortunately, on courts 3, 5 and 6 the lions fell in all super tight matches. Once again, Elvira was able to win her singles match winning that nasty 3rd set tiebreaker! That brought the overall score to 4-3 for Boston. Losing those tight 4-3 matches is such a heartbreaker especially for how much we fought.

After the match we had a team meeting, and Agustin told us that matches like these are ones you can learn from the most. Even though we lost, we know we are so tough and soon we'll be the ones winning those tight 4-3 matches. What really caught my eye this week was how tough this team really is. Something about this team is we absolutely hate to lose. When we do lose, it only makes us stronger and want to win the next match even more. After we lose a tough match, we always exchange positive and encouraging words with each other to keep on fighting and to keep our heads up. That's something I really admire about this team, and I'm so proud to call each one of these girls my teammates. We are so confident as a team that all the hard work we've been doing this year is going to pay off soon!

The lions get a little bit of a breather the next few days from the tough week, but we are back at it again with a match at home against Harvard next Wednesday!

That's all for now lion fans!



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