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Hey there Lion fans!

Your lady lions dropped another tough 4-3 loss against Harvard at home this past Wednesday afternoon. It was another one of those close nail biters! The lions dropped a close doubles point, and fell short in singles. As always, we had a few lions shine! Anna and Tatijana rocked it at number 3 doubles winning a clean set! As for singles, we won on courts 1, 2 and 4 all in three sets. Even though we fell short and lost the match, the lady lions still fought until the very end as always!

As always, the lady lions bounced back on the courts the next day and got right back to work! We were able to learn from this tough loss and put it behind us. I really admire this team for this because it's really hard to put losses behind you individually and as a team. The fact that this team can take a tough loss  that can really easily turn into a negative environment and make it a positive one instead is really quite amazing. That is really hard to do, especially with tennis players. Playing in this team environment when it's supposed to be a individual sport can be really challenging because it is the only college sport where you can win and lose at the same time. In the match against Harvard I was able to pull out my match, but my team lost.  I'm sure my teammates and other college tennis players can relate to this; having those mixed feeling is really tough. It's just so great the way this team handles that type of situation. When we lose and some girls win, those girls that win look just as disappointed as the girls that lost their matches. This just goes to show that this team lives up to that motto "There is no I in Team."

Believe it or not we are already halfway done with season, which means conference matches are just around the corner! We open up conference play next Saturday at Pepperdine. What better way to open up conference play than to play a match against a big time rival! We are so excited to start conference play because we have so much confidence that we're going to do so well in the conference this year, and this is what we've been working so hard for. Before our first conference match, we're going to continue to battle at home against Cal Poly on Thursday!

That's all for now lion fans!


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