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Hey there tennis fans!

Jessica from the LMU Women's tennis team here! I thought it would be great to keep the tradition of our team blog going, so I will be taking over since Logan graduated. Big thanks to her for starting a team blog and for starting a tradition that I hope future team members will keep up in the future! 

It's been quite a while since we have updated you with what is going on with our team, so let me give you a little update! We started the 2015-2016 with new classes, new teammates, new coaches and new beginnings! In the fall, my teammates and I were welcomed back with a new coach taking charge, Agustin Moreno. Agustin came from an impressive background coaching at the University of South Florida and had tremendous success such as a pair of conference championships and six NCAA appearances. He also had his own success with being an All-American at Pepperdine and participating in the 1988 Olympics and 1988 French Open. Shortly after Agustin was hired he brought in our assistant coach, Katie Vasenina. Katie actually played under Agustin at University of South Florida from 2009-2013. She played at the #1 spot and got a ranking as high as #26 in the nation! We're so lucky to have someone like her who has this experience in college tennis and know what it's like to be in our shoes!

With these two brand new coaches on board, we were excited to start the new school year and of course tennis season! Also, I wanted to take a minute to introduce our newest members of the team! We have three new freshmen: Tatijana, Jackie and our newest one who just came in January, Elvira. They are all such fantastic new members of our team all coming from such strong tennis backgrounds. They are such great teammates and tennis players with great attitudes!

With all these new changes, we started out the fall with a tough fall schedule with practice, running, weights, yoga... everything! Agustin really believes in us as a team, so he wanted us to start off with a good training schedule and pushing us hard. We played a few tournaments, had pretty good results in the fall and got used to the new coaching and all that.  More importantly, now tennis season has officially begun! We started the season end of January with a couple of close matches with Cal State Northridge and Cal State Fullerton. We lost both 4-3 in super tight matches, but Agustin kept encouraging us to keep fighting and that the wins were going to come soon and to keep believing! Sure enough, we had our first win of the season against Sacramento State 5-2, which gave us a huge boost of confidence since we lost 7-0 to them last year.

In the past two weeks we have had a couple of tough losses against UC Santa Barbara and Long Beach State (both really tough teams), but we didn't let that drag us down! This past Tuesday, we had a great win over San Diego State 5-2. Unfortunately, we had a couple girls get injured at the last minute and they couldn't play, but that didn't stop us!  It was such a great win for us because not only did we beat a good team, we had such a fighting attitude.  I even played so well and was able to beat a ranked opponent because my teammates gave me so much motivation, I couldn't have done it without them! San Diego State was another team we lost 7-0 to last year, so we got another huge boost of confidence! After the match, Agustin and Katie asked us what we learned from the match. As a team, we learned how tough we really are and how we can really beat any team if we set our minds to it. It's amazing how these kinds of wins and experiences really bring us closer as a team and get us even closer to reaching our goals!

This next week, we got three home matches in a row Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We're finally back at home after being on the road for almost a month. We're playing a couple teams from the East Coast, so it will be a good mix up for us to play some players we've never seen before. We start off our busy week playing Georgetown on Tuesday!

That's all for now lion fans!



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