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Hey there Lion fans!

It was a busy weekend for your Lady Lions this past weekend! As I said in my previous post, we had 3 matches in a row this past weekend. We had another big conference win over University of San Diego on Friday which is bringing us closer to our goal of making the conference tournament. On Saturday, we had a super tight loss to BYU. I was the deciding match and lost 6-7 in the third. Talk about a nail-biter! At that moment I was so angry that I could not win that match for my team, but I was reminded by our coaches and my teammates that we are not done yet and we have to keep moving forward. On Sunday, we had a nice win over No. 44 Oregon 5-2. It was an awesome turn around for us as a team. After the heartbreaking loss on Saturday, Agustin told us that a team who has a tough loss one day and is able to turn around and win the next day is a tough team. It was an overall successful weekend for the Lady Lions, everyone fought until the very end.

This past Sunday was also our senior day. Andy, Kristine and Ellie had their very last home match, and it was great that we got a win over a ranked team! It was an emotional day for our seniors. I would like to thank all three of them for what they have done for the team in the time that they have been here. I have developed very close relationships with each of them. I'm so happy they were apart of my experience here at LMU, and I know the rest of the team feels the same way. Although it might be a sad time for them at the moment, they have accomplished so much and they should all be proud of themselves that they did it!

I know it may sound like it's the end, but it sure isn't! The Lady Lions still have two more matches to go. We are traveling this Thursday to beautiful Northern California to play our final matches of the season! We start off playing University of San Francisco on Friday and play Santa Clara on Saturday. We are all pumped for these upcoming matches because we are determined to reach our goal of making the conference tournament.

That's all for now tennis fans!



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