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Hey there Lions fans!

Today your Lady Lions are hitting the road for our first tournament!  Four of us will be competing this weekend in San Diego at San Diego State University. After all this training we've been doing, we're really excited to finally compete! I've played this tournament every year since my freshman year, and it's a little emotional that this is my last Fall season but I'm going to make the best of it. 

This week we've been doing a lot of match and point play to prepare for this weekend. Agustin has been emphasizing to us how important it is to play high percentages in these tournaments. Especially in the first few matches it's natural to feel a little nerves, it's just the way players deal with them that makes players tougher than others. It's part of sports to feel nervous or tight sometimes, but we have to learn to accept it and get passed it. It's also a good thing to remember that your opponent is most likely experiencing the same nerves as well, or maybe even more. This is what makes tennis so mental. Sometimes it's not about the kind of strokes or power you have, you can break your opponent down mentally as well. If your opponent sees you're never giving up and you're going to do whatever it takes to stay in the point, they're probably going to experience more nerves and eventually break down. College tennis is such a mental game and I've learned that it's the mentally tough ones who know how to break their opponents down are the ones that are the toughest.

We've been training so hard the past few weeks and I can see we're all ready to compete this weekend. I'm excited to see the beginning of what this squad can do this year!



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