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Hey there Lion fans!

This is the last 8 hour week for your Lady Lions. Next week we're going full speed and start our 20 hours of training! Even though we haven't had a lot of training time with the coaches or as a team, that's not stopping this hard working squad. All of us have been out on the courts hitting on our own almost every day hitting with one another. It's so motivating to have teammates that are so self motivated, especially the freshmen. We all know how hard of an adjustment it is when you first come to college, but I'm so impressed with our freshmen. They are adjusting so well and so self motivated to practice and train. As a senior, it's really a great thing to see the younger teammates so motivated and willing to work hard, so props to the freshmen!

We are only 2 weeks away from our first tournament, which is the beginning of our preseason! Even though we've had limited hours, Agustin and Katie have really been getting us ready fitness wise. I have to admit we're all pretty sore these days, but we know it's going to be worth it in the end. Our weights trainer, Jack gave us new training shirts this week and on the back it says "have to or want to." Sure we have to be at practice and be at weights when we're told to, but your mindset going in can really make a difference  in your performance . If we go into a practice or weights wanting to be there and ready to get better it can really change the outcome. It's really important for this squad to have a good mindset during practices and training this year because we have so much talent and potential to do well this year. It's hard not to have this mindset sometimes when you're a college athlete because we all know things happen that are out of our control whether it be school or other issues. That's one of the challenges of being a D1 college athlete, we have to learn to balance a lot of different things including mindsets. It's not a bad thing though, it's something we should embrace because not many people can do what we can do. I have so much confidence in this team that we can have the right mindset this year. I already see it in each one of them and I know we're going to strive to get better every day this year.

That's all for now tennis fans!


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