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Hey there Lion fans!

After this long summer, school is officially back in session! That means new school year, new classes and new teammates. This is pretty much a brand new year for your Lady Lions. We have four new freshmen, which means almost half of the team is new! We have Cami from Argentina, Vony from Australia, Caisey-Lee from Ventura and Siena from Orange County, which is where I'm from as well! All of these players come from awesome backgrounds and are ready to work. My teammates and I were excited to welcome them to the squad! This past week, we've been doing a lot of team bonding to get to know each other and everything. So far the team has had awesome chemistry and each one of us is so motivated and excited for this year!

We started off the first week with the brutal fitness testing. This testing includes a running test and different tests in the weight room our fitness trainer Jack tests us on. I thought we all did pretty well in all the testing, but we are always striving to get better. We are always looking to improve our scores and results. Agustin and Katie firmly believe we have so much talent and so much potential this year. They always emphasize that we always have to strive to be better and know we can do better.

We are currently on eight hour weeks, which means we can only do eight hours of training as a team per week. Even though we aren't doing as much team training with the coaches we still motivate each other to train on our own before the full practice schedule starts. It's awesome when I see my phone light up and it's my teammates asking who wants to practice. When I see a team constantly motivated like that and always looking to get better it motivates me to want to get better and go that extra mile.  I'm still in denial that I'm a senior, but I'm excited for what this team can do this season and the potential we have. Even though it's only the second week of school, I already see great team unity and culture developing in this team and it's really exciting!

That's all for now tennis fans!



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