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Hey there Lion fans!

It's been a tough week for your Lady Lions. This is our first week of our full training schedule, and Agustin and Katie have us working hard! Even though we're experiencing some soreness from the rigorous training, we are still dedicated to giving all we got every day whether it be on the court, in the weight room or on the field running sprints. Fall season is really a time for us to get in shape and really work on things individually and as a team. What I've learned from each year is that the way you train in the fall really sets up and prepares you for the spring. We have a tough training schedule and tough tournaments we're playing this fall, but I can see that each one of us is trying their best every day no matter what amount of soreness or fatigue we have. It's such an awesome atmosphere to be around when you have a squad that's constantly cheering you on in the tough drills or when you're pushing at that last rep of bench in the weight room. It truly is a great feeling.

With fall season just around the corner, we've been slowly working our way into match play in both singles and doubles. Although it's tough to play your own teammate, we all understand it's a part of the game and it's all a choice we've made to play it. We're all such great competitors with so much drive and it's a great thing to see in a tennis team. Everyone knows that playing against one another will only make us that much tougher for the spring when we compete together as a team.

This week at practice, Agustin and Katie emphasized that we're not always going to feel 100% in every match we play. There's only a few matches a year (if you're lucky) that you play a match where everything feels good. Whether your first serve, second serve or forehand is off we have to find a way to deal with it. Agustin said "sometimes you have to win ugly." When something isn't working we have to find a way to shift our mindset to finding a way instead of focusing on what's not working. It's a really hard thing to do, and that's what makes this sport so tough mentally and physically. We have to find a way to grind it out in these situations, and it only makes us that much tougher.

With the first tournament less than two weeks away, we are working harder every day. With the way this squad is training, I can sense we're going to have a great outcome this fall season!



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