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Hey there Lion fans!

Four of your Lady Lions got back from regionals this past Saturday. We had some tough matches out there against some tough schools, but we got some really great matches in to prepare us for the spring.

This week we have a full training week Monday through Saturday! This is one of our last full training weeks this season. It's so crazy how fast it goes by, but I know everyone is really looking forward to the spring. Fall is such a good preparation for our season in the spring, but it is really a grind. Playing tournament after tournament along with full training and practices in between is tough. I can really see how strong we are getting physically and mentally from this fall season. It's really exciting to see in preparation for the season.

 Something I've really noticed the past few weeks is our team chemistry with each other and the coaches. Everyday we are becoming more and more of a team and the chemistry between all of us is something you don't see often. Good team chemistry is something that is also very important when we compete in season, and knowing we're getting that now in the fall will only make us stronger for the spring.

We only have two tournaments left believe it or not! Next weekend we have our big trip of the fall season to Dallas, Texas to play a tournament at Southern Methodist University. Everyone is really excited to travel as a team and play some new opponents. It will really be good experience for us and a new experience for our newbies on the team! I know we're going to compete well and show other schools what we're capable of!

That's all for now tennis fans!



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