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Hey there tennis fans!

Your Lady Lions just returned from Dallas, Texas a couple of days ago where we were playing a tournament over at Southern Methodist University. It was a really great experience for us playing different schools from different parts of the U.S. and different opponents. We had some really good matches with schools such as Tulsa, Oklahoma State and Wyoming. It was also a tough tournament for us because we had to play matches indoors and outdoors, but it's good preparation for us for the spring.

On our way back home from Dallas, Agustin asked us what we learned from this tournament and what did we learn playing these big teams we don't normally play. We came to the conclusion that these girls are tough, fit and they don't give up. This fall, Agustin has been really emphasizing to us how we have to learn to suffer out there while we're playing these matches. We have to figure out a way to compete well no matter what the circumstances are. If something is hurting or if the forehand isn't working well we have to find a way to stay in the match. We have to show our opponents that we are never going to give up and if something isn't working well we don't show it to them. We break our opponents down mentally by doing this, by showing them we're not going to break down first. It's something we're really working on as a team and if we really improve on this, this squad will be dangerous in the spring!

Believe it or not our fall season is coming to an end! We have our last tournament at Cal State Northridge this weekend which most of us are going to. It's crazy to think this is my last fall season, but to keep the sadness away I think of the full season we have up ahead. We'll be out there competing this Friday through Saturday this weekend, so wish us luck!

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