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Hey there tennis fans!

It was a successful week for your Lady Lions this past week! We had two awesome wins over schools we lost to last year. We beat Cal State Northridge 4-3, and we lost to them 4-3 last year. We beat Long Beach State 5-2, which we lost 7-0 to last year. I was so impressed with how well this squad competed. We really gave it our all and the results shows it.

Something that stood out to me about these past two matches were how much we won as a team and how much we competed as a team. Every single person contributed to winning these two matches and it was really awesome to be a part of. It didn't matter who was playing what, who was playing doubles or who was even in the line up. Every teammate from positions 1 through 6 and the one's on the sidelines really contributed. What a lot of people from the outside don't see is how much of a team effort winning a match is. If one person is being negative, it's going to bring the whole team's energy down. I know it may not sound true because we are all playing our individual matches, but it happens. You really feel it when you play. You feel it when the team's energy is bad and you feel it when the team's energy is good. I thought that was something we really did well in these past two matches. Everyone kept their heads up and kept fighting no matter what the score was. Our teammates on the sidelines kept yelling encouraging words to us and that plays a big part as well. It's really important that your team is on the same page and has the same positive energy because that's how you pull off team wins like the one's we just had. If we keep going with this positive energy and attitude, we're only going to get better.

Your Lady Lions are on a two week break now, which means we're back out on our normal practice schedule. This break from matches is a good way for us to keep practicing hard and striving for our goals. It's also good for us after coming off two wins because it's a good opportunity to work harder. Now that we have seen a little preview of how well we could do this season, I think we are more motivated than ever. Keep an eye out for this squad this season!



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