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Hey there Lion fans!

Your Lady Lions played a very competitive match against UCLA this past Saturday! Even though we lost, we really gave a good fight out there. It was the best match LMU has played against UCLA in a long time, so that was major motivation for us starting out the season. Huge shout out to our two freshmen Cami and Vony who got singles victories! They fought and competed so hard in their first season match and we're all so proud of them!

This match was really good for us to play because it really shows what we are capable of this season. We had so many close matches with a top 10 team and it was a confidence booster for us. Something that Agustin pointed out after the match was how good our team chemistry is. I couldn't agree more with that because our team chemistry is awesome. Being an individual sport, it's hard to create good team chemistry because naturally tennis players are most likely not accustom to a team environment. I'm really amazed with how much of a team we are and how much we work as a team. We just all seem to be on the same page with everything when it comes to the team and we created team goals we want to accomplish this season together. Of course we are going to get a little selfish sometimes because that is just the nature of the game. At the end of the day, we're still by ourselves out there on the court. Nonetheless, I think our team chemistry is going to be an essential part for this season so I'm excited with what this team is going to do!

We continue the start of our season this week with back-to-back home matches this Thursday and Friday. Even though we had a positive experience from the first match, we're always in the mindset that we always have more work to do. We play Cal State Northridge Thursday at 1 and Cal State Long Beach Friday at 1. We love when our fans come out and support us, so we would appreciate if you guys could stop by this week!



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