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Hey there Lion fans!

It's been a while since the last update on your Lady Lions! We all had a nice and long winter break with our families and friends. Now we're back at school and getting ready to start the official season!

We had a busy first week going full speed with practicing. Along with practice, we also had fitness testing this week. There was some solid improvement in the fitness testing this week and a lot of us improved our records from December, so that was a great way to start off the semester. We also had solid practices this week and we are all playing well in all different ways.

Even though we had a solid start to the semester, Agustin and Katie always emphasize that we have to always aim to do better. It's something we really have emphasized as a team as well. It's really important to never be satisfied with what we are at because if we are we won't keep improving. At the beginning of the week, we made goals we want to accomplish this season as a team. We are constantly reminding ourselves of these goals we want to accomplish, so we can always focus on getting better every day this season.  

We open our season this coming Friday playing UCLA at the Riviera Country Club at 1!



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