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Hey there Lion fans!

Your Lady Lions have had a two-week break off from matches, which means we've been doing tons of training! We have been working on different things that we saw in previous matches that we need to work on. In a way it was good for us to have this two-week break to get some full practices in and work on things we know we need to work on after having three matches under our belt.

Not only have we been hitting the courts, but we've been hitting the gym a ton and doing all sorts of conditioning. Conditioning is one of the most important elements during the season because we depend on it a lot when we are playing these matches. A lot of weeks we have back-to-back matches non-stop, and sometimes it's the players who can last who end up winning. It's the players who can hang in there and keep getting one more ball back who end up pulling out those tough wins. Also, if our bodies are strong and in shape we prevent injures as well. These past two weeks has really made us stronger and we have continued to stay injury free. I've really enjoyed watching this squad grow and get stronger every day, and one of the best qualities we have is we are always looking to get better. It's an awesome quality to have and we all really push each other every day. Whether it be in the weight room, on the field doing sprints or on the court we are always looking to get better.

Our season picks back up this week with three matches! We play UCI on Wednesday at 1pm at home, UC Riverside on Saturday at 11am at home and we have Cal State Fullerton at 11am away. It's a packed week for your Lady Lions, but we are strong and ready for these matches and I can't wait to compete with each one of them again! Also, we love having our fans out there supporting us and we'll be playing at home Wednesday and Saturday, so come support!



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