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Hey Lion fans!

Your Lady Lions had two cancellations this past weekend due to this crazy rain we have been getting! We had both our Saturday and Sunday matches cancelled. We haven't been able to reschedule Saturday's match with UC Riverside just yet.  Luckily, we were able to reschedule our match with Cal State Fullerton to this past Wednesday. We had a tough match against Cal State Fullerton and unfortunately fell short and lost 4-1.

Even though this team was a really tough team, we learned a lot from this loss. We learned that we need to push it more while we're out there competing. We need to work on being a little more tougher than our opponents. Even though we have improved a whole lot this year in many different ways, there are always things we need to work on. In a way, these matches are good for us because we can really learn from these losses. Each of us were able to reflect off our matches and express what we need to work on individually and as a team. When we had a team chat about the match afterwards I really liked how the team didn't take it in a negative way and they really took it as a learning experience, and that's something that good teams do.

We are now on another two-week break from matches! Now that we have what we need to work on in our minds, we can really use these next two weeks to get better. The middle of the season is approaching and I can't wait for the rest of the success this team is going to have this season. Until our next match on March 10th against Georgetown, catch us on the practice courts!



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