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Hey Lion fans!

This past week was another successful one for your Lady Lions! We took two more wins on our home courts, and one of them being a 7-0 sweep against Texas State! That was also our sixth straight home win of the season bringing our record to 6-2 so far. It definitely gives us confidence going into conference matches this week. We not only have our first 2 conference matches this week, but we have our first away trip this weekend up to Northern California.

After our 2 wins last week, we did not celebrate too long. We got right back to work. We have been training hard the past few days to get ready for our conference matches this week. We have not only been working hard in our practices as a team, we have been working hard on our individual games as well. Even though we are a team and compete as a team, we still have our own games that are different than one another's. The other day in practice, Agustin went around and asked us what three things we need to work on individually. Sometimes to say it out loud helps you remember easier, so you can be conscious of it during practice. It's really motivating to see my teammates express what they need to work on then see them really make an effort to work on it practice. This kind of attitude is what really makes us a team in an individual sport and work together as a team. Even though we all have different things to work on, we work on them together.

Before we hit the road this Thursday for our first conference matches, we have a tough match against USC on Wednesday we are getting pumped and prepared for. The way I see it, this squad is more than ready for these matches this week! Don't forget to follow us on our website to keep track of how we do this week!



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