Compliance Question of the Week

For the week of: February 24, 2010

There is a prospective student athlete (PSA) moving into the LA area to attend college, not necessarily LMU. Does the PSA need to do more than just establish residency (ex. Changing driver's license and having a utility bill in the PSA's name) to be permitted to participate in a local sports club program where staff members of an institution's athletics department work/coach?

Yes, the PSA must establish permanent residency, not temporary residency, within 50 miles of the institution to participate in the specific local sports club program. Only if the PSA establishes permanent residency within 50 miles of the institution can the PSA participate in the specific club sport program. If the PSA is not a legal adult, the PSA must have and be living with a legal guardian to be accepted as having a permanent residency within 50 miles of the institution.

In a previous case, even though the PSA moved with his/her mother temporarily so the mother may attend an institution, this was not considered permanent residency and the institution still needed to apply for a waiver. Resident
A prospective student-athlete who relocates to an area within a 50-mile radius of the institution on a temporary basis (e.g., to participate on a club team or attend an institution while maintaining a permanent residence outside of the 50-mile radius) is not a legal resident of the area regardless of whether the prospective student-athlete meets legal standards of state or local residency for governmental purposes. (Adopted: 9/18/07)


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