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Lions Get 122 on WCC Honor Roll

122 Lions made the WCC Commissioner's Honor Roll.

July 23, 2014

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SAN BRUNO, Calif. -- With the conclusion of the 2013-14 academic year, the West Coast Conference announced the 13th annual WCC Commissioner's Honor Roll, which recognizes student-athletes that have balanced athletic success with academic excellence. LMU earned 122 student-athletes on the 2013-14 Commissioner's Honor Roll.

For the third consecutive year, over 1,000 WCC student-athletes garnered honors on the Commissioner's Honor Roll for possessing at least a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale. With the addition of the University of the Pacific, more than 1,200 student-athletes qualified for recognition establishing a new conference record.

Only grades earned at WCC institutions may be used in calculating the grade point average for this award. To be considered for this honor, student-athletes must meet the following requirements:

1) Individuals must have earned a varsity letter in a sport which the conference determined a champion in the recently completed academic year.

2) The cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 must be based on a 4.0 scale.

3) The individuals must have successfully completed an average of at least 12 graded credit hours (non pass-fail hours) per term.

The conference recognizes those on the WCC Commissioner's Honor Roll in three separate categories, Gold (3.75 - 4.00 GPA), Silver (3.50-3.74) and Bronze (3.00-3.49). Here are LMU's Honor Roll award winners:

Gold Honors
John Pickhaver - Cross Country
JAlyson Lock - Women's Basketball
Caroline Gecker - Cross Country
Kevin Joerger - Cross Country
Betsi Metter - Women's Volleyball
P.K. Carey Jones - Women's Rowing
Andrea Fisher - Women's Soccer
Coralie Eilers - Cross Country
Shelbi Aimonetti - Women's Basketball
Madison Wesseln Women's Tennis
Melanie Joerger - Cross Country
Ryan Felix - Men's Soccer
Felix Van Kann - Men's Tennis
Sterling Shuster - Softball
Mariana Ugalde - Women's Rowing
Drew Dalton - Cross Country
Ryanne Haymer - Women's Rowing
James Jack - Baseball
Derek Weber - Cross Country
Taylor Paschen - Cross Country
Kelsey Dunbar - Women's Rowing
Janna Forney - Women's Rowing

Silver Honors
Logan Fulton - Cross Country
Monica Weaser - Women's Rowing
Kelsey Burrell - Women's Rowing
Callie Aaker - Women's Rowing
Mark Dotseth - Men's Soccer
Kelli Sugimoto - Cross Country
Meghan Harman - Softball
Kristine Kouyoumjian - Women's Tennis
Ashley Brown - Women's Rowing
Jenni Benger - Women's Soccer
Ana Lucia Fuentes - Women's Tennis
Trent Hammond - Baseball
Weston Strum - Cross Country
Kyra Burke - Cross Country
Ciara Campbell - Women's Rowing
Sheree Shea - Cross Country
Jaclyn Ross - Women's Rowing
Daniel Smith - Cross Country
Deprise Brazel - Women's Soccer
Carolyn Dunn - Women's Soccer
RJ Larrieu - Cross Country

Bronze Honors
Aaron Garfinkel - Men's Soccer
Ivan Jelic - Men's Tennis
Logan Finnell - Women's Tennis
Vincent Paldino - Men's Soccer
Chloe Curtis - Cross Country
Darien Pyka - Women's Soccer
Jennifer Koester - Women's Rowing
Amber Mirabello - Women's Volleyball
Lisa Piller - Women's Tennis
Cara Lohman - Softball
Grace Graham-­-Zamudio - Cross Country
Paulina Lindstedt - Women's Rowing
Alex Lam Men's Soccer
Julia Norlin - Women's Tennis
Brandon Horth - Baseball
Cassidy Nicks - Women's Soccer
Michael Duncan - Cross Country
Connor Campbell - Men's Golf
Andrea Wellins - Softball
Jessica Burns - Women's Rowing
Sophia Leksan - Women's Soccer
Tawni Martino - Women's Soccer
Kathleen Luft - Women's Volleyball
Luke Bohuslav - Men's Tennis
Todd Volmari - Men's Tennis
Alexa Carrington - Women's Rowing
Marie Bliss - Women's Rowing
Emma Wright - Women's Rowing
Clara Brackbill - Women's Rowing
Othar Kordsachia - Men's Tennis
Silvia Torsellini - Women's Rowing
Craig Nitti - Men's Soccer
Jordan Price - Softball
Emily Ben Jumbo - Women's
Megan Gallagher - Women's Soccer
Colin Welmon - Baseball
Olivia Lucero - Women's Basketball
Daniel Gibson - Cross Country
Trent Clifton - Men's Soccer
Aeoleone Bristow - Cross Country
Jocelyn Blankenship - Women's Soccer
Blake Meek - Men's Golf
Karina Yalcin - Women's Rowing
Daniel Simko - Men's Tennis
Jade Cheldelin - Women's Basketball
Chase Flint - Men's Basketball
Sierra Foltz - Women's Rowing
Alexandra Young - Cross Country
Stephanie Maciel - Softball
John McFarlin - Men's Soccer
Madison Heilmann - Women's Soccer
Elizabeth Dawkins - Women's Rowing
Elanor Grossman - Women's Tennis
Ayodeji Egbeyemi - Men's Basketball
Jackson Criswell - Men's Soccer
Melinda Gomez - Women's Basketball
Patrick McGrath - Baseball
Akio Ohtake-­-Gordon - Men's Soccer
Rachel Fell - Women's Soccer
Ben Dickinson - Men's Basketball
Doug Petree - Cross Country
Bryce Bacic - Men's Soccer
David Doehring - Men's Tennis
Taylor Anderson - Women's Basketball
Sophie Taylor - Women's Basketball
Samantha Garcia - Cross Country
Amanda Dudley - Women's Soccer
Ngozi Erondu - Men's Basketball
Andres Lopez - Cross Country
Sam Worley - Cross Country
Breeanna Sandoval - Softball
Lorena Garcia - Cross Country
Miya Jin - Women's Tennis
Kevin Glomb - Baseball
Braden Baer - Men's Golf
Jackson McCracken - Men's Soccer
Annie Monroe - Softball
Brittany Jagger - Women's Soccer
Laura Mueller - Women's Tennis


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