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WCC Announces Commissioner’s Honor Roll

The Lions had 128 student-athletes on WCC Honor Roll.
July 27, 2015

SAN BRUNO, Calif. - With the conclusion of the 2014-15 academic year, the West Coast Conference is happy to announce the 14th annual WCC Commissioner's Honor Roll, which recognizes student-athletes that have balanced athletic success with academic excellence. LMU had 128 student-athletes on this year’s honor roll.

For the fourth consecutive year, over 1,000 WCC student-athletes garnered honors on the Commissioner's Honor Roll for possessing at least a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale. More than 1,350 student-athletes qualified for recognition, establishing a conference record for the second consecutive season. The 2013-14 season was the first year more than 1,200 student-athletes met the selection criteria.

Only grades earned at WCC institutions may be used in calculating the grade point average for this award. To be considered for this honor, student-athletes must meet the following requirements:

1) Individuals must have earned a varsity letter in a sport which the conference determined a champion in the recently completed academic year.

2) The cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 must be based on a 4.0 scale.

3) The individuals must have successfully completed an average of at least 12 graded credit hours (non pass-fail hours) per term.

The conference recognizes those on the WCC Commissioner's Honor Roll in three separate categories:

4.00-3.75 - Gold Honors
3.74-3.50 - Silver Honors
3.49-3.00 - Bronze Honors

Here are LMU’s Commissioner Honor Roll recipients:
Gold Honors
Marisa Carino - Women's Cross Country
Alyson Lock - Women's Basketball
Antonio Porreco - Men's Soccer
Madison Wesseln - Women's Tennis
Shelbi Aimonetti - Women's Basketball
Jack Polerecky - Men's Cross Country
Felix Van Kann - Men's Tennis
Ryan Felix - Men's Soccer
Derek Weber - Men's Cross Country
Ryanne Haymer - Women's Rowing
Ashley Brown - Women's Rowing

Silver Honors
Kevin Glomb - Baseball
Carys Quezada - Women's Rowing
Monica Weaser - Women's Rowing
Ayodeji Egbeyemi - Men's Basketball
Jimmy Jack - Baseball
Chase Flint - Men's Basketball
Taylor Paschen - Women's Cross Country
Petar Repar - Men's Soccer
Mark Dotseth - Men's Soccer
Kelsey Burrell - Women's Rowing
Kelli Sugimoto - Women's Cross Country
Lindsey Matoi - Softball
Kristen Vasquez - Women's Soccer
Jenni Benger - Women's Soccer
Nicole Fong - Women's Rowing
Sara Kim - Women's Rowing
Ana Lucia Fuentes - Women's Tennis
Chloe Hall - Women's Basketball
Kim Caroe - Women's Rowing
Kailee Mora - Women's Rowing
Julia Norlin - Women's Tennis
Logan Finnell - Women's Tennis
Kyra Burke - Women's Cross Country
Mireia Ros - Women's Rowing
Raymundo Barajas - Men's Soccer
Vince Paldino - Men's Soccer
Alix Johnson - Women's Rowing

Bronze Honors
Janayna Lopes-Sobrosa - Women's Rowing
Andrea Crespo - Women's Tennis
Kayla de Bondt - Women's Cross Country
Josh Blank - Baseball
Kristine Kouyoumjian - Women's Tennis
Jaclyn Ross - Women's Rowing
Brooke Christensen - Softball
Caitlin Harman - Softball
Mitchell Cameron - Men's Cross Country
Kim Ehntholt - Women's Rowing
Sofia Abrate - Women's Rowing
Harry Loasby - Men's Cross Country
Jonathan McLouth - Men's Soccer
Marie Bliss - Women's Rowing
Jill Farley - Women's Soccer
Emily Ben-Jumbo - Women's Basketball
Brandon Horth - Baseball
Chloe Curtis - Women's Cross Country
Paulina Lindstedt - Women's Rowing
Katherine Henshall - Women's Soccer
Todd Volmari - Men's Tennis
Callie Taylor - Women's Soccer
Clara Brackbill - Women's Rowing
Lisa Piller - Women's Tennis
Grace Graham-Zamudio - Women's Cross Country
Nicky Kevorken - Women's Volleyball
Amber Mirabello - Women's Volleyball
Andy Wellins - Softball
Olivia Lucero - Women's Basketball
Blake Meek - Men's Golf
Daniel Gibson - Men's Cross Country
Cassidy Nicks - Women's Soccer
Luke Bohuslav - Men's Tennis
Sophia Leksan - Women's Soccer
Anna Romeka - Women's Tennis
Kristen Clarno - Women's Rowing
Michael Duncan - Men's Cross Country
Antoine Laurient - Men's Soccer
Alexandra Young - Women's Cross Country
Connor Campbell - Men's Golf
Ann Shoen - Women's Rowing
Joat Farah - Men's Tennis
Sabrina Tebou - Softball
Craig Nitti - Men's Soccer
Alice Cen - Softball
Danielle Shanahan - Women's Cross Country
Othar Kordsachia - Men's Tennis
Elizabeth Dawkins - Women's Rowing
Colin Welmon - Baseball
Jocelyn Blankenship - Women's Soccer
Stephanie Maciel - Softball
Emma Wright - Women's Rowing
Chelsey Ramlochan - Women's Rowing
Taylor Anderson - Women's Basketball
J.D. Busfield - Baseball
Briar Murphy - Women's Rowing
Silvia Torsellini - Women's Rowing
Joe Murray - Baseball
Madison Heilmann - Women's Soccer
Kristel Tohu - Women's Rowing
Jackson Criswell - Men's Soccer
Rachel Williams - Softball
Joe Christian - Baseball
Andres Lopez - Men's Cross Country
Grant Lapovich - Men's Cross Country
John McFarlin - Men's Soccer
Karina Yalcin - Women's Rowing
Jamie Thorp - Men's Tennis
Akio Ohtake-Gordon - Men's Soccer
Sarah Sanger - Women's Soccer
Sarah Sponcil - Women's Volleyball
Kelly Parsons - Women's Cross Country
Deshka Olson - Women's Basketball
Nick Jan - Men's Golf
Samantha Garcia - Women's Cross Country
Ellie Grossman - Women's Tennis
Amanda Dudley - Women's Soccer
Bryce Bacic - Men's Soccer
Lance Capel - Men's Cross Country
Tyler Knight - Baseball
Sophie Taylor - Women's Basketball
Kristen Castellanos - Women's Volleyball
Evelyn Gonzalez - Women's Cross Country
Cory Abbott - Baseball
Mary Kate Reid - Women's Rowing
Chris Barnett - Baseball
Tim Peabody - Baseball
Douglas Petree - Men's Cross Country
Ryan Vargas - Men's Cross Country
Jessica Burns - Women's Rowing
Toni Boteva - Women's Rowing
Mat Holton - Men's Cross Country

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