On game days, LMU is a special place to be. Lion fans can make a difference in creating an environment that gives LMU an advantage. Being a Lion is all about having the Heart of A Lion. LMU Athletics wants you to be part of the beat and reminds fans that...

Having the Heart of a Lion is...

... screaming at the top of your lungs after an LMU basket, goal or run.

... chanting "L" "M" "U" after a Lion makes a free throw in basketball.

... following the cowbell guy in the Thunder Clap.

... singing the fight song as the cheer team brings the Lions into the game.

... is wearing Crimson to every game and chanting "this is Hank's house" at men's basketball games.

... is ALL ABOUT cheering with respect and in good sportsmanship.

Having the Heart of A Lion is NOT...

... cheering against the referees, opposing team or the Lions.

... using profanity or derogatory language

... addressing anyone negatively, aggressively or in any manner not becoming a Lion.

... behaving in a manner that is disruptive to those around you or the game.

... personal attacks of any kind (race, sex, religion, etc.)

... creating an atmosphere that is unenjoyable or distasteful.

The Heart of A Lion Campaign reminds you to show good heart this basketball season and at all LMU events. LMU will take proper action on any behavior not appropriate for a Lion. We ask you to help spread this into other "hearts" throughout all LMU games and if anyone around you during a game is not showing a Heart of A Lion, please feel free to contact an LMU Athletics Staff member.



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