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The strength and conditioning program at Loyola Marymount University is an essential component of the Athletic department's quest for Building Champions.

LMU Strength and Conditioning Philosophy

We start off by asking, "What is Strength and Conditioning" at LMU? Simply put, it's a program assembled by professionals, to enhance the needs and sports performance of a given sport. Through years of study, we know that sports performance involves much more then just lifting heavy weights. This taken into consideration, we've broken down our Philosophy into two sections - Physical and Psychological.

1) From a Physical perspective, we have several variables to take into consideration.
• First we analyze, acknowledge, and correct any muscular imbalances and soft tissue/mobility issues.
We know that if an athlete cannot move their own bodyweight efficiently, then they won't be able to lift an external load efficiently, either. This lack of movement efficiency leaves them more susceptible to injury in both the weightroom and their respective sport. We attempt to correct this by:
- implementing a Functional Movement Screen (FMS)
- prescribing corrective exercises and mobility/stretching routines.

• Enhance Strength, Power, and Performance.
We start out by teaching the proper technique/mechanics and setting the correct motor patterns for all lifts. We know that one aspect of a program cannot be overlooked relative to another, so we understand the importance of being well-balanced. To achieve this balance we take the following into consideration:
- Major/Foundational Exercises
- Sports Specific Exercises
- Injury Prevention Exercises
- Cardiovascular Conditioning

2) The Psychological aspects of what we do in the weightroom translates into Sport and Life. By holding athletes accountable, Strength and Conditioning enhances:
• Team Chemistry
• Responsibility
• Punctuality
• Heart/Work Ethic
• Self-Esteem/Confidence
• Self-Control/Discipline
• Leadership Roles

Lastly, a huge part of our Strength and Conditioning Program involves leading by example. We do our part as a Strength and Conditioning Staff by never asking of our athletes what we can't or won't do ourselves. This goes beyond just lifting weights. It extends to heart, pride, and good character. We believe leading by example is contagious, and by leading with such characteristics, we can build a foundation of LMU Pride.

Updated: May 16, 2013


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