WCC Commissioner's Honor Roll Announced

July 16, 2008

SAN BRUNO, Calif. -

With the completion of the 2007-08 academic year, the West Coast Conference announced the seventh annual Commissioner's Honor Roll, which recognizes those student-athletes that possess at least a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale.  Loyola Marymount women's basketball player, Jessica Vargas, was one of eight WCC athletes to complete the year with a perfect 4.0 GPA.  Seven hundred and forty student-athletes, who participated in one of the WCC's 13 sponsored sports, were honored from the league's eight member institutions.

"Congratulations to all the members of this year's WCC Commissioner's Honor Roll," said West Coast Conference Commissioner Jamie Zaninovich. "These remarkable individuals are living proof that our WCC member institutions are dedicated to the ideals of the true student-athlete and I commend them for their efforts."

Only grades earned at WCC institutions were used in calculating the grade point averages for the award.  To be considered for the honor, student-athletes must meet the following requirements:

1) Individuals must have earned a varsity letter in a sport which the conference determined a champion in the recently completed academic year.

2) The cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 must be based on a 4.0 scale.

3) The individuals must have successfully completed an average of at least 12 graded credit hours (non pass-fail hours) per term.

The Conference recognizes the student-athletes in three separate designations:

1) 4.00-3.75 - Gold Honors
2) 3.74-3.50 - Silver Honors
3) 3.49-3.00 - Bronze Honor

Below is a complete list of all the LMU student-athletes who were honored:


Gold: 4.0-3.75
LMU	Jill Austin		W. Rowing 		Communication Studies	3.80
LMU	Kim Feeney		W. Soccer 		Communication Studies	3.90
LMU	Abby Fall		W. Cross Country 	Communication Studies	3.83
LMU	Michael Glomb		Baseball 		General Education	3.83
LMU	Lisa Helmers		W. Basketball		Sociology		3.84
LMU	Laura Mickelson		W. Cross Country	Natural Science		3.92
LMU	Andrew Morris		M. Soccer		Biology			3.85
LMU	Greg Moss		M. Golf			Economics		3.94
LMU	Caroline Nothnagel	W. Tennis		Natural Science		3.93
LMU	Adam Sloustcher		M. Soccer 		Political Science	3.75
LMU	Becky Stehling		W. Volleyball 		Studio Arts		3.86
LMU	Tamara Tanner		W. Tennis 		Counseling		3.90
LMU	Jessica Vargas		W. Basketball 		Biochemistry		4.00
LMU	Nick Von Der Ahe	M. Tennis 		Chemistry		3.90

Silver: 3.74-3.50 LMU Lacey Bartels W. Soccer Natural Science 3.66 LMU Paul Beckwith M. Cross Country English 3.70 LMU Stephen Carlson M. Soccer Civil Engineering 3.51 LMU Emily Day W. Volleyball Mathematics 3.54 LMU Jacques Delouche M. Cross Country History 3.68 LMU Brenn Donnelly W. Cross Country Communication Studies 3.53 LMU Ahnie Draper W. Cross Country Studio Arts 3.67 LMU Mary Foster W. Rowing Political Science 3.73 LMU Shea Franklin W. Cross Country Science/Engineering 3.71 LMU Trini Gomez M. Soccer Biology 3.54 LMU Kavita Goss W. Basketball Biology 3.54 LMU Kathryn Holzberger W. Rowing Natural Science 3.70 LMU Lauren Kirk W. Volleyball Liberal Studies 3.61 LMU Liz LaLonde W. Rowing Accounting 3.57 LMU Megan Lynch W. Cross Country Communication Studies 3.64 LMU Jonathan MacNeil M. Cross Country Mechanical Engineering 3.69 LMU Kathryn Maloney W. Rowing Business/Marketing 3.51 LMU Alicia Martinez W. Soccer Economics 3.72 LMU Candice Matheny W. Rowing Communication Studies 3.57 LMU Becky Nolan W. Rowing Biochemistry 3.64 LMU Katie Osborne W. Soccer Biology 3.52 LMU Kayla Pietruszka W. Rowing Biology 3.69 LMU Shawnell Russell W. Tennis English 3.72 LMU Joslyn Slovek W. Soccer Business Administration 3.51 LMU Stephanie Speer W. Rowing Communication Studies 3.57

Bronze: 3.49-3.0 LMU Aris Andreasian M. Tennis Business Administration 3.20 LMU Stefanie Baduria W. Soccer Liberal Studies 3.48 LMU Courtney Bannerman W. Rowing Business Administration 3.22 LMU Jamie Bell W. Soccer Business Administration 3.23 LMU T.J. Bernardy Baseball Business Administration 3.19 LMU Audrey Bulkley W. Tennis Sociology 3.12 LMU Maggie Burkett W. Basketball Psychology 3.42 LMU Ernie Cho Baseball Business Administration 3.26 LMU Katrina Chong W. Soccer Biology 3.43 LMU Steve Connolly Baseball English 3.46 LMU Max Craig M. Basketball Business Administration 3.07 LMU Amanda DeCoud W. Basketball Liberal Studies 3.11 LMU Will Dugoni Baseball Business Administration 3.18 LMU Ashley Dutro W. Volleyball Sociology 3.23 LMU Ollie Enos Baseball Sociology 3.03 LMU Bronwyn Evans W. Basketball Natural Science 3.07 LMU Kristina Fernandez W. Cross Country English 3.03 LMU Kathleen Foster W. Rowing Biology 3.02 LMU Kristen Garcia W. Soccer Natural Science 3.05 LMU Leslie Grandy W. Soccer Communication Studies 3.13 LMU Nicole Ha W. Soccer Liberal Arts 3.27 LMU Blayze Hanson M. Soccer Applied Mathematics 3.24 LMU Tiffany Harrison W. Soccer Psychology 3.14 LMU Jasmin Heckel W. Tennis Business Administration 3.07 LMU Marni Hietbrink W. Rowing Psychology 3.40 LMU Andrew Hirning M. Cross Country Biochemistry 3.49 LMU Annie Holden W. Cross Country Communication Studies 3.45 LMU Renee Horton W. Volleyball Liberal Studies 3.30 LMU Heather Hughes W. Volleyball Communication Studies 3.29 LMU Caitlin Jennings W. Cross Country Athletic Training 3.28 LMU Nate Keadle Baseball Business Administration 3.40 LMU Whitney Leonard W. Volleyball Communication Studies 3.20 LMU Amanda Lernor W. Soccer Natural Science 3.20 LMU Tyler Mehl M. Soccer Business/Marketing 3.34 LMU Pavla Mesterova W. Tennis Business Administration 3.29 LMU Shauna Morgan W. Tennis Studio Arts 3.25 LMU Blake Nicolai M. Golf Business Administration 3.31 LMU Bliss Nixon W. Tennis Theatre Arts 3.03 LMU Valerie Ogoke W. Basketball Business Administration 3.14 LMU Gabrielle Parisella W. Soccer Communication Studies 3.17 LMU Dmitry Popov M. Tennis Mathematics 3.26 LMU Andy Preston Baseball Sociology 3.17 LMU Brittany Rezowalli W. Cross Country Recording Arts 3.09 LMU Greg Ricks M. Soccer Philosophy 3.00 LMU Lauren Ruebsamen W. Rowing Studio Arts 3.38 LMU Patrick Sampson M. Soccer Business/Finance 3.42 LMU Lauren Shanklin W. Soccer Natural Science 3.34 LMU Audra Silman W. Tennis Business Administration 3.42 LMU Sean Sisk M. Cross Country Business Administration 3.19 LMU Sydney Swanson W. Rowing Environmental Science 3.43 LMU Jill Sweetnam W. Soccer Business Administration 3.31 LMU Natalie Tejada W. Tennis Communication Studies 3.08 LMU Brittany Teleng W. Rowing Natural Science 3.16 LMU Jacek Twarowski M. Tennis Business Administration 3.08 LMU Ryan Wheeler Baseball Business Administration 3.44 LMU Kelly Yahr W. Cross Country Business Administration 3.37 LMU Jacque Yang W. Rowing Business/Finance 3.06 LMU Brandi Young W. Soccer Communication Studies 3.42




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