DAILY BREEZE: Mickelson Twins Take Different Courses to Distinction

Nov. 7, 2007

Story published in the Nov. 7 issue of the South Bay Daily Breeze
Written By: Chris Jackson
Staff writer

The college experience can be as much about establishing one's identity as it is about getting an education.

It's an even harder task when there's someone around who looks, sounds and acts just like you.

This was the case for identical twin sisters Laura and Sara Mickelson from the moment they jumped from Mira Costa High to Loyola Marymount University.

Competing in cross country and track for the Lions, they made for a formidable duo, but both had trouble escaping the other's shadow.

After their sophomore year, Sara decided to transfer to UC Irvine. Both sisters agree that it was the best move for them both in sports and in life.

"That's definitely one of the reasons I wanted to transfer," Sara said. "We were seen as identical twins; everyone saw us as the Mickelson twins, not as Sara and Laura. When I went to Irvine, I established myself.

"I think it's helped me grow up. We might be even closer now, because being apart we appreciate each other a little bit more than we used to. I don't think we lost anything from being apart. She's been able to grow on the LMU team and I've been able to grow here."

Laura agreed.

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