Brian Quinn

Brian  Quinn


Hall of Fame:

Basketball / Baseball/ Administrator


A well-known figure as an athlete and administrator, Quinn led the Lions as a student-athlete on the basketball court, as well as the baseball field. During his basketball career, he averaged 13 points a game. He was among the league's leading scorers and free throw shooters, completing the 1960-61 season with 11 points per game and a 78% free throw percentage. His team won the West Coast Conference Championship 1960-61 and advanced to NCAA tournament. He was team captain and MVP his senior year. Quinn earned his Bachelor's degree from Loyola University in 1963. In 1985, he returned to his Alma Mater as Director of Athletics to help the University re-establish its athletic glory. Teams advanced to NCAA playoffs eleven different times in a variety of sports, including to the 1986 Baseball College World Series and The Final Eight in the 1990 NCAA Basketball Tournaments, under Quinn's Administration. Quinn represented the university on a variety of NCAA committees including chair of Men's Volleyball. In 1996, the community of Westchester honored Brian with its "Citizen of the Year" Award for his achievements. In 1990, Brian began focusing on fundraising activities for Athletics as the Exectuive Director of Athletic Development.