Inside Lion Baseball: Getting to Know Jeremy Barth held a question and answer session with baseball player Jeremy Barth.

Jan. 15, 2013

LOS ANGELES, Calif. - As the 2013 season approaches, we here at would like to (re)introduce you to some of the baseball players who will be gracing Page Stadium's field this year. We have asked all the players a series of questions that range from why they chose LMU to what they would change their name to if they could. If you have any additional question that you'd like to see answered in the future, please feel free to email Tyler Geivett at

Today's question and answer session will feature freshman Jeremy Barth. What did you do this summer?
Jeremy Barth: I went to my brothers' wedding in Oklahoma and I was the co-best man! An awesome experience.

LMU: Why did you choose LMU/What do you like most about LMU?
JB: I love the campus here and it has a great baseball program with a lot of pride. Our program is on the rise with a lot of excitement. I love that it's close to my house. What I like most about LMU is the friendly environment and there is always something fun that you can do around campus.

LMU: Do you have a nickname? Explain the meaning behind it.
JB: My family calls me "Meezer" or "Meez Man". I don't know how that started haha but I know my family has always called me that since I was born!

LMU: What is your greatest highlight on the field?
JB: My favorite highlight on the baseball field would definitely be in my last year of little league when my dad and I won the Little League championship of the entire South Bay together!

LMU: After LMU, what do you want to do?
JB: I want to be a professional baseball player and after that I want to do something that I love and that can make a positive impact on peoples lives.



LMU: Do you have any superstitions?
JB: Yeah, I definitely do, most ballplayers do...but I am trying to get rid of them they don't really do any good.

LMU: Do you have any hidden talents?
JB: I think I have a pretty good voice, at least I think so, but other than that none that I have discovered yet.

LMU: What is your favorite baseball team?
JB: I love the Dodgers, Angels, and Rangers.

LMU: What is the early favorite for your walk-up song?
JB: I will either go with a Christian or a Country walk up song, haven't decided yet, but looking forward to picking out a good one. Last year in high school it was Lucky Man by Montgomery Gentry.

LMU: What is your favorite movie?
JB: My favorite movie is John Q with Denzel Washington because I think its awesome how the dad saves his son's life in that movie. I also like the movie the Warrior and Four Brothers.

LMU: What is your favorite book?
JB: My favorite book is the Bible because it speaks the truth, while my second favorite is "Beyond Belief" by Josh Hamilton. It's an awesome story about how Josh Hamilton, who is my favorite player, overcame his addiction with his faith in God.

LMU: What celebrity would play you in a movie about your life?
JB: I would pick Denzel Washington because he is my favorite actor. I also like Jim Carey a lot.

LMU: You are given $1,000,000 - what do you spend it on?
JB: I would buy a house for my parents for all they have done for me in my life, but I would still have my own room in it too.

LMU: Are you a collector of anything?
JB: I do have over fifty hats. I love my hat collection.

LMU: If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?
JB: I would fly and have laser vision because those ones are the coolest.

LMU: If I take a look inside your refrigerator what would I find?
JB: There would be a lot of milk, cheese, and yogurt. I love my dairy products. I am also a big fruit guy so there would be a lot of fruit in there.

LMU: What is your motto or advice you live by?
JB: "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Phillipians 4:13

LMU: Name at least one television show that you watch every week.
JB: Sportscenter, MLB network and the food network with my dad.

LMU: What is your most prized possession?
JB: My Bible.

LMU: Any fears or phobias?
JB: I don't like any kind of insect and I don't like really dark places.

LMU: Who is your biggest influence in life?
JB: My brothers. I have learned a lot from those guys and I know that I can always go to them for advice. I look up to those guys and hope to someday carry out some of the same traits that they carryout in their lives today.

LMU: Name one thing not many people know about you.
JB: I sing really loud in the shower!

LMU: Do you have a celebrity look-alike?
JB: I don't know of any celebrity that I look like and have never been told one that I necessarily look like.

LMU: If you could witness any event past, present or future, what would it be?
JB: I would like to see my parents' wedding, I think it would be pretty cool to look back on that time and see what all of my family looked like back then. There are also so many historical events that I would love to see like the first Thanksgiving feast with the pilgrims and Indians or Noah's Arc.

LMU: Are you a morning or night person?
JB: I am a morning person, even though I don't wake up early I like day time and I like it being light outside instead of it being dark outside.

LMU: If you could be any animal, what would you be?
JB: I would be a dog because you get spoiled by the family who you belong to or a Bear.

LMU: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
JB: I would live in the same area I grew up in with a house that has a big yard and then I want a house somewhere right on the Ocean.

LMU: If you could change your name, what would it be?
JB: I like the name I have.

LMU: If someone was to give you one gift, what would you want to receive?
JB: I would love to receive a new hat or something that was original and between me and that person.

LMU: What was your favorite childhood television program?
JB: I loved the show Rocket Power when I was a kid.


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