Mikos Blue Monster


Thanks to a gift from Paul Mikos `66, a wall containing a manual scoreboard was installed in left field, complete with out-of-town scores reminiscent of some of Major League Baseball's classic ballparks in 2001.

The Mikos Blue Monster is a replica to Boston's Fenway Park's Green Monster. The Mikos Blue Monster stands 130-feet wide and 37-feet tall. Within the wall is one of only a handful of manual scoreboards in all of college baseball. The board itself isn't small, standing 18-feet tall and 46-feet wide. Complete with the LMU line score and the out-of-town West Coast Conference scores, the scoreboard combines some old-time baseball charm with today's modern technology.

The scoreboard has electronic balls, strikes and outs lights, along with electronic at-bat and hit/error identification. Every other component is tallied using 2-foot square aluminum scorecards slipped in behind the scoreboard manually. Giving Page Stadium additional character is a five-foot indent connecting the Blue Monster with the existing outfield fencing, similar to the odd outfield shapes of the classic Fenway Park in Boston and Minute Maid Park in Houston.

Click here for a photo gallery of the Mikos Blue Monster


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