The Original Lion Scorer

Ed Bento

Feb. 19, 2013

LOS ANGELES -- LMU men's basketball became known throughout the basketball world for its scoring during the running system used in the late 1980s, putting up numbers that are still records today.

However, the pole-setter in terms of scoring at LMU was set some 30 years earlier when Ed Bento set the standard with 1,432 points in just 77 games over three seasons in a career that spanned from 1959-62.

Bento passed way this past month to ALS.

"In my opinion Ed, along with Bo Kimble and Hank Gathers, were possibly the best players ever at LMU," said former teammate Brian Quinn. "His statistics were remarkable and a very close comparison to Hank and Bo. The records they set in the 1980s were truly remarkable, but what Ed did to help us win so many games was truly special."

Bento led the Lions to its first conference championship in 1960-61 and as a senior, scored 579 points in 24 games, good for a 24.1 points per game average. Despite the number of games now reaching in the 30s, his point total from that season still ranks 17th all-time and the average is ninth all-time.

His career point total of 1,432 would hold as LMU's record for nearly 10 years and his career average of 18.6 points per game over just 77 games is still one of the 10 best all-time at LMU.

It's only fitting that the original scoring threat at LMU will have company in the record books with one of the best scorer's in the last 20 years.

LMU guard Anthony Ireland is quickly climbing up the ranks in men's basketball history with the Lions, putting together a season that is on pace to be the best since 1991-92 and very similar to that of Bento's.

"Scoring was clearly a part of LMU's history, and I really wasn't aware of records or anything like that. But the history of the game is important," said Ireland. "With that said, when you look at what Ed did in LMU's first championship run, it is very impressive. And to be at that level is an honor."



Ireland is second in the WCC in scoring at 20.4 points per game. He has 531 points on the season and 1,419 in his career. Rick Adelman is ranked 12th with 1,425 with Bento in 11th. Ireland needs 31 points to crack the season top-20.



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