Spain 2014: Big Day, Big Two Month

Aug. 15, 2014

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TORREJON, Madrid, Spain - Freshman Joshua Spiers grew-up in an Australian town of under 200,000. He never thought he would leave, going to a local university to get his education. In two month, he has crossed three oceans, enrolled at LMU and moved to Los Angeles with nine million people and found a team he loves to be a part of and traveling to Spain as a member of the men's basketball team.

Spiers journey was captured in the Lions' fifth day in Spain, a whirlwind of a day that saw them start at 8:30 am with breakfast after an overtime win the night before. Followed by film sessions, practice and lunch. They then hit the road for a tour of Madrid. The tour was just yet another story for Spiers, who continues to get his head around his latest journeys.

Spiers was followed around for the day and he took a moment to talk about his journey, his new team, what he has seen so far and what it is like to be away from home the first time.

LMU will continue its tour of Spain on Saturday when they take on the Angolan National Team at 7 pm at J. Antonio Paraiso (sports hall) Plaza Pablo de olavide, s/n Torrejon de ardoz Madrid.

Spain 2014
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