LMU Tennis: Freshman Faces

Sept. 14, 2010


A native of Guayaquil, Ecuador and graduate of Torremor High School, Freshman Sebastian Bustamante catches up with LMU Athletics about coming to LMU as an international student, his goals for this year and LMU Tennis.

LMU: Why did you choose LMU?
Bustamante: I liked the business program, good weather and the tennis team.

LMU: Okay you are from Ecuador, so you wanted to stay in warm weather?
Bustamante: Yes, haha I looked at Florida, Southern California, USF, South Carolina, North Carolina but I visited LMU in March and knew I wanted to come here! I am very happy with choosing to come to school in the United States.

LMU: Comparing Los Angeles to Ecuador, what are some of the differences you feel?
Bustamante: Mostly the size, Ecuador is so small compared to Los Angeles. In LA it takes 20minutes just to get to a different area of the city. Otherwise it has been just different adapting to not having my family or friends out here.

LMU: What do you like about Los Angeles so far?
Bustamante: I like the beaches so close, the campus and the weather.

LMU: How has your experience as an international student at LMU been so far?
Bustamante: So far it has been very good, everyone is very friendly so it does not feel that much different. Plus the tennis team has other international students so we are all in the same position.

LMU: When did you start playing tennis?
Bustamante: I started to play when I was only five. My father would always play, we had a court at our house, so I would go out and try to hit with him and his friends.

LMU: What is your favorite part of the game?
Bustamante: I enjoy playing doubles a lot, I think it is more fun than singles.

LMU: What are your goals for this year?
Bustamante: I want to get good grades and pass all my classes this year since I am taking 18 credits this semester. With tennis I really want to be part of the team and be part of the scoring, I also want to help us get ranked.

LMU: What would you like to do after school?
Bustamante: I would like to work in the US and probably bring new business to my home country Equador to be close to my family which is very important to me and our culture.



Head Coach Brad Sceney said, "Sebastian is a very smooth and relaxed player, he is solid from the backcourt, volleys quite well and reads the game well also. Because of his ability to hit all strokes quite well, he can adapt to different game styles, thus making him a tough player to play against. Growing up on the clay-courts of South America, he understands the court and is very good with his ball movement during a point. We will working with him on developing bigger shots as weapons to compliment his game, but we are expecting a very bright future from him here at LMU."


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