Women's Soccer Update From Europe - Entry 6

Women's soccer takes in the Ajax Experience in Amsterdam.

May 22, 2012

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Holland, Day 9! (Day 2 in Holland)

After a long night of "Uno," we woke up at 8,
Our tour guide was adamant we wouldn't be late.
Our hostel-house resembled a "soccer sorority,"
Looking pretty wasn't exactly our highest priority!
We loaded upon our giant bus,
Exploring Amsterdam was a must.

Our drive through Holland was too surreal,
As we drove through farms and tulip fields.
We saw so many old windmills,
To cows and sheep we had to yield.

We arrived at a town called Alkmaar (Ahl-kuh-mar),
Where people rode bikes over driving cars,
It looked like a page from a fairy tale,
With old shops and canals, where we could set sail.

But shopping and strolling wasn't even the best,
A cute little bird soon became quite a pest...
It pooped right on Brianne Medved's head,
We pointed and laughed as her face turned bright red!

Amsterdam was the next city to see,
It was wooden clogs, blondes, and what you'd expect it to be.
Of course lots of "coffee shops" were there...
But we only observed them from Rembrant's Square.

The Ajax Experience was everything and more,
Movies and cases with trophies galore.
We tested our skills, shooting soccer balls,
Old jerseys and photos flooded the walls.

Anne Frank's house was a grounding place,
Mistreated because of religion and race.
Through the exhibit, we stopped and opened our eyes
And witnessed the way Anne was able to rise.
She wasn't caught up in technology, she poured out her thoughts in her diary,
The experience, overall, bettered the team.



Dinner and on to the hostel we went,
Such a long day! We were spent.
Cori and Paige were playing ping and pong,
Going 7 & 0, they played for way to long.
They beat Matt and Michelle, who were pretty skilled too!
Then we went to bed, the happy soccer crew.

-Kimiko Miyashima



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