Catching up with the Lions - Women's Soccer

July 24, 2009

LOS ANGELES - For many college students, summertime means relaxation, the beach, and getting away from the stresses of school work. For many members of the LMU women's soccer team, this summer has been anything but a vacation as they have stayed busy in a variety of activities, both on and off the field.

Eugenia Miranda has traveled the furthest, spending her summer in Washington, D.C. interning with the National Archives and Records Administration. Miranda checks in from the nation's capital, saying:

"I am in Washington, D.C. for 10 weeks on a scholarship. I am interning with the National Archives and Records Administration (they are the ones that keep the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights). I am working with the Human Resource Department. I got this internship through The Washington Center and they also make us take a course so I am taking Campaigning for a Cause: Changing the World, One Issue at a Time. Through this program I got the opportunity to meet Dianne Feinstein and hear her speak about California's current issues and what bills she is working on. It was called Public Policy Dialogue on Capital Hill. I am also required to do a Civic Engagement Project. Through The Washington Center, we also have to attend mandatory speakers, which are called Presedential Lectures. We have had one speaker so far which was Ralph Nader and there are three more. We also have to do biweekly journals, a professional interview of someone who works in a career we might be thinking about, and there are several optional tours of D.C. I am planning on attending the Pentagon Tour, Library of Congress Tour, and Bureau of Engraving and Printing."

Jaide Timm-Garcia also spent some time in our nation's capital, taking a week-long trip to attend an event called How It Ends. As she puts it, "The event included conferences and training on how to lobby for a bill that our group was trying to pass. I lobbied with about 2,000 other people and got to talk to Senators Boxer and Feinstein as well as Representative Dennis Cardoza. How It Ends was comprised of three organizations: Invisible Children (with which I am involved with), Resolve Uganda, and Enough. As a group we were trying to end the longest running war in Africa and stop a man named Joseph Kony from abducting children and forcing them to become child soldiers. Kony has been doing this for 23 years and our bill would require President Obama, with the help of other national leaders, to create a plan to apprehend Kony and free the 3,000 child soldiers in his army."



Closer to home, Kim Feeney and Dominique Penaranda are also pursuing summer internships. Feeney is in Los Angeles, assisting Bonnie Tiegel, a Senior Producer for Entertainment Tonight and The Insider. In Feeney's words, "I help her with things as common as her schedule, emails, and phone calls, to pitching potential stories, aiding clients who come in for interviews to dressing rooms, make up, etc., and attending some premieres and shoots for pieces she produces. I'm on the front line of all the Hollywood gossip!"

Penaranda is back home in Santa Clarita for an internship with the Burbank Police Department, where her father is a Sergeant. She reports, "I am working as a cadet, working alongside police officers of all ranks. I help out with whatever needs to be done and on different days I am assigned to a different location in the department."

Allyssa Clark is the starting goalkeeper for the Claremont Stars of the WPSL, where she is playing alongside incoming freshman Paige Pennington. The Stars are currently sitting in fifth place in the league's Pacific-South Division.

Michelle Kanama and Katrina Chong are currently on-campus, helping out with the LMU Summer Camps. Chong is also taking a study course as she prepares with former teammate Amanda Lernor to take the MCAT exam.

The rest of the Lions have been training and keeping in shape for the 2009 season, which is scheduled to being on August 21 at UNLV.



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