Following Alumni Defeat, LMU Swimmers Rebound with Victory Over Men's Basketball

The LMU alumni defeated LMU swimmers this year at the annual alumni meet.

Sept. 27, 2013

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This past Sunday, LMU Swimming alum returned to the Burns Recreation Center to meet, greet, and then beat LMU's Women's Swimming team in a relay competition. As in past years, LMU's current team was split into a Crimson and a Navy squad as a way to balance the contest against the aging alum. As it turned out, that handicap was not needed this year as an all-time high of 25 Alumni showed up representing all classes from 2005 through this last years graduating class of 2013. That collective depth proved too great for the split LMU team with the Alum dominating the seven-relay event with 53 points. The Navy team took the runner up position with 41, while the Crimson squad squeeked out 29.

Despite the loss, redemption for LMU swimmers was only a few days away. On Thursday, the LMU men's basketball team, which has been training in the LMU pool with a mix of water jogging, swimming (splashing & thrashing), and sunbathing, challenged the lady swimmers to a 4 x 25 yard relay race. LMU swimmers put forth an "A" and "B" squad against basketball's finest aquamen. The large height advantage over the swimmers was quickly diminished once the players were horizontal in the water. The streamlined technique of the swimmers resulted in a 1-2 finish over the guys. In a re-challenge from the starting blocks, the result was the same but by a wider margin of victory.



LMU swim head coach Bonnie Adair was quick to pass out praise to the men's basketball team. "Kudos to the Men's Basketball team for their athleticism, sportsmanship, and all their hard work at the pool," Adair said. "We can't wait for the new season to start!"

Next up for the LMU swimming team is an intrasquad competition to select the traveling squad for a competition in Fairbanks, Alaska followed by a 5K Fundraiser with the Masters swimmers on October 5th in support of the Lions Athletic Fund. The Lions officially open their competitive season with the PCSC Pentathlon hosted by LMU at the Burns Aquatics Center on Saturday, October 12.



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