Dec. 18, 2017

Blog by Marley Abbott, Lauren Akin, Samantha Smith and Alyce-Faye Eichelberger

After landing in the middle of the night and struggling to find our house in the dark, we were able to arrive at our home and get some rest. When we woke up the next morning, we were amazed at the views right outside of our window. The lot of us ran outside to look at the stream in our backyard and began getting ready for a day full of adventure.

The team split up into our respective vans and headed out to go see what the local farmer's market had in store. Once we arrived, we made sure to take advantage of all that they had to offer. There was an abundance of great food options, including Mediterranean cuisine, banana soft serve, lemonades, honey, acai bowls, Thai food, and of course, fruits and vegetables.

When we packed up to leave the market, there was a great surprise in store for us. We had a scenic drive down the road and ended up at Waipi`o, a great sightseeing location where we were able to take pictures and embrace the fantastic view. It was here where Bonnie dropped another surprise on us. We were going to get to get malasadas, a Portuguese doughnut that is famous in Hawaii. These were a hit with the whole team. With flavors like mango, guava, chocolate, strawberry, and apple, there was something for everyone.

We had our first practice as soon as we got back. To make Winter training more competitive for us, we are split into two teams, Crimson and Blue. At the end of our training for the day, the two teams were placed against each other in a game of elimination and the Blue team came out on top!

With our work for the day behind us, we were ready for dinner. Salad, chicken, ribs, and noodles filled our stomachs and got us ready for bed. After a quick meeting, we hit the hay, ready and excited for day 2.




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