Dec. 20, 2017

Blog by Mary Schell, Nicole Schiel, Savanna Kim, Gabby Carufel and Christine Chan

After a good nights sleep, we all woke up bright and early for a 7am workout! After we got our workout yardage in, we had an intense Red team vs. Blue team kick set show down where the Red team came out on top. And in true LMU swim fashion, we finished up the practice with a classic “Bonnie Bonus Round” challenge set!

After our first of three workouts of the day, we headed back to the house to fuel up before we split into activity groups for the day. One group headed to the beach to take advantage of the beautiful weather with some (guess what?!) more swimming (but this time in the ocean so it’s different). The rest of the team chose to do a little souvenir shopping where lots of macadamia nut chocolates were purchased.

After our various activities, the whole team returned to the house for some time to rest before practice number two for the day - our first weights session with our strength coach Jack. After an hour of tough and very sweaty strength circuits it was time to (surprise!) get back in the pool again.

The theme for the evening workout was sprinting so we of course had to round practice off with some more friendly Red vs Blue relay races! We ended the night with a drive to a shopping center in Waikoloa for some yummy food and a little time to shop. We made quite the impression on the employees working the ice cream shop, which we all of course went to, who said “Wow there’s really a lot of you”. We all shopped around for some Hawaii-themed gifts for our white elephant gift exchange on Thursday. Now we are all off to bed and excited for another awesome training day tomorrow!




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