Although its origin is somewhat clouded, the Lion mascot has been synonymous with Loyola Marymount University for more than 70 years. According to the Oct. 5, 1923 edition of the school newspaper, the Los Angeles Loyolan, the Lion mascot was suggested by an enthusiastic fan after 1919 when St. Vincent's College became Loyola College. Noting the Loyola football player's fierce competitiveness, that unknown fan described the Loyola players as Lions. The name did not generate too much popularity and the Loyola athletic nickname remained "Loyolan's" until 1923.

At that time, the article explains, the college wished to inspire new pride in its athletes and fans. Noting the success of nicknames for other colleges, the college opted to give the Lion's nickname a rebirth. Calling the old Lion mascot "mistreated and forgotten," the article explains that the Lion would officially find its way into all college songs and cheers. The Lion has remained firmly entrenched in Loyola lore to this very day.

An alternative origin story traces the nickname to the abundance of actual mountain lions which roamed Westchester when Loyola College moved here in 1927. The area remained widely unpopulated and teamed with wildlife when the school moved atop the bluffs. School officials reportedly adopted the nickname because mountain lions inhabited the area when ground was broken.

Request Iggy the Lion
The LMU Athletics Mascot, Iggy the Lion, will make special appearances. All requests for Iggy must be submitted in writing to LMU Marketing at least one month prior to the scheduled event. Submit your request to:

       Sarah Ratchford
       Graduate Assistant, External Relations
       1 LMU Drive - MS 8505
       Los Angeles, CA 90045
       Phone: (310) 258-2680


Basic Information:

Cost: Based on each specific event.

Transportation: Iggy will provide his own transportation to and from all events.

Costume Damage: In the event that any part of the Iggy costume is damaged at an event due to misconduct on the behalf of one of the guests in attendance, the individual/organization requesting Iggy will be charged a replacement cost for each damaged item.

  • Body/Tail: $600
  • Shoes: $150
  • Head: $750
  • Clothing: $50-$250

Non-Permissable Events:Iggy shall not be permitted to appear at events that may reasonably constructed as advancing a political agenda, religion, or person or commercial interests.  



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