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Hey there tennis fans!

Three of the Lions competed in the Jack Kramer's tournament (Jessica, Laura and Kristine) with some of the top teams on the west coast including UCLA, USC, SMU, Pepperdine, LSU, Stanford, Ohio State, BU and others. Laura and Jess had a huge first round win in doubles but the singles matches were super tough as these players are some of the best in the country. Kristine won her first round against UCSB but lost her second round. I'm super proud of everyone for giving it their all though.

About that Southern fix, Yes, you heard right. ¾ of the LMU Women's Tennis team (Ellie, Julia, Lisa, Anna, Kylie, Andy, Audrey and myself) headed to the south, Tuscaloosa, Alabama to be exact for the Roberta Allison Fall Classic. This is the second year in a row that our team has been asked to attend this event along with tons of competitive teams from the south and the Midwest. The battles were certainly unlike any competition we have faced in the past or will face in our conference matches. These teams include, Alabama, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Georgetown, Michigan, LSU, Georgia Tech, Depaul, as well as some feisty smaller private schools in the south that I had never heard before such as Troy, UAB, and Middle Tennessee University.


A lot of these schools have recruited some of the top players in the country so it was no doubt that we were going to battle against the big guns.

Just stepping onto Alabama soil for the first time, my first thoughts were obviously, "we are definitely not in California anymore." Eyes peered to our LMU gear in the airport and throughout the weekend as if we were celebrities, or aliens....one of the two. Of course, no one has really heard of LMU from the South. Several people actually asked if we were from a school in Louisiana, which had the same acronym.


The funny thing is, I would not really expect anyone to really have heard of our school out west anyway because even some California folk are not too familiar with our hidden gem in Los Angeles, LMU. As you can imagine, people's eyes lit up when we clarified our location. "Wow, you're from L.A....that's so cool!"


For those of you whom are not too knowledgeable about Tuscaloosa, the football team pretty much shapes the town. There is not too much to do in the town but Alabama natives are crazy about their football. Needless to say, football is, well, everything.

Coming from a school that doesn't even have a football team, well we did, way back when,...(side note, our coach actually played on the team) we were in for quite a culture shock. I personally was so excited to see what that pride was all about, oh and of course to meet all the friendly locals. 


It was ironic that our tennis team was making this trip because I actually am currently interning for a local Sports PR firm in Manhattan Beach where two of my bosses went to Alabama. Naturally they are all about their football team and still travel back there from time to time to see games. When I told them I was making the trip, they were stoked and gave me a pre-warning that I was going to absolutely love it.

 In addition, my sports journalism class has required that I religiously follow a college football team and blog about them three times a week so of course I chose the Crimson Tide.

Unfortunately for us, the Bama football team had a bye week and the students were on fall break, so not a whole lot of activity was taking place, but you can still feel the atmosphere and that warm sense of community.

Because we went during this fall time of year, we got to experience the beautiful autumn trees and the fresh, crisp air.  The chill basically felt like winter for us in California. Oh man, we're spoiled.


Alright, besides taking in all that Alabama has to offer in this little weekend getaway, and believe me, we did, your Lady Lions did travel all this way on a mission. And that was to show these Midwest and southern schools that the LMU lions are on the prowl and would be fearless competitors on the tennis court.

Our tournament started on Friday morning, Halloween. No we didn't dress up if you were wondering. We kept it all business in uniform. We had to layer up big time to warm up though. Our big puffy ski-like jackets and sweatpants were a necessity right up until we played our beginning matches. 45 degree mornings are not exactly what we're used to back home.

Doubles matches started off the day both days, which were followed by two singles matches. All 8 of us played against opponents from all different schools, all of which were super solid and tough contenders. Sure we got a little discouraged with losses but we knew the quality of tennis that we were going to face and our games tend to rise when we face intense, perhaps more experienced opponents, ultimately forcing us to play our best tennis. We walked away from Day 1 with a firm grasp of the competition while knowing we had another day to play all out with absolutely nothing to lose.

After making it through all sorts of extreme weather from 70 and sunny to windy, dark horror movie-like dark clouds and pouring down rain, it was grub time. I suppose it completed the whole spooky Halloween look pretty perfectly.


We ate at a fun restaurant, which as you can imagine was decked out in all things repping Alabama football from souvenirs to autographed pictures to life-size poster board cut-outs of Coach Nick Saban. The customers and waiters were all dressed up in funky costumes too. It was great.


On top of that, we had an overly friendly waiter, Eric. I say 'overly' because of course we were expecting a friendly and personable waiter, but this guy, yikes. He felt a tad too comfortable with us. Dressed up in a full-on German Oktober Fest lederhosen outfit for his Halloween costume, he sat down at our table striking up a conversation. Nice, right? Cool he's comfortable with us. But then he kept coming back, over and over, thinking of any excuse possible to keep the conversation flowing. He was just full of stories.


It was a little overkill. He thought it would be an appropriate time to start one of his stories in the middle of our meal when we were enjoying a quality southern meal where we know we would not get anywhere else. Can't we eat in peace? One of my teammates, Audrey perfectly described our experience as a "dinner and a show." Eric did not fail at the entertainment part, that's for sure.

We were up and at 'em early the next day for round two of our tourney. So no, your Lions didn't spend the night out trick-or-treating around Tuscaloosa.

Saturday was drastically colder in temperature compared to the previous day. Like holy cow, it was close to unbearable. We're talking around 35 degrees in the morning and then it did not reach over 50 degrees, all day long. Not to mention the hailing winds that seemed to blow uncontrollably. Saying that the conditions were tough would be an understatement.

 Yes, we were out of our comfort zones in terms of weather and perhaps people think we were a bunch of wusses but all teams seemed to be struggling to stay warm with the weather. I know myself and a lot of my teammates refused to take off our sweatshirts/jackets and sweatpants the entire time we were playing all of our matches just so that we would not freeze to death. And some of us had up to three matches...rough.

The matches basically came down to who could overcome the excruciating cold or at least become numb to the point that we could just play out to the best that we could. I am so proud that despite the obvious discomfort, none of us showed signs of calling it quits. We were fighters through and through.


Even though we did not end both days of the tournament with the results that we wanted, our coach was proud of how we gave it everything we had. Hey, we traveled all the way across the country to play, so we had to leave Bama on a good note. 

Yes, we were a little disappointed, but Jamie reminded us that the results did not matter to him as much as long as we capitalized on things we did right in our matches as well as acknowledged the weak areas in our game so we know what to improve on when we return back home. Of course we all want to win, but sometimes you don't take away much from winning except for maybe the pure satisfaction of winning

The caliber of tennis was so high for this tournament so the expectation of winning did not make or break us by any means. I think the comfort and support we all had for each other as a team really helped ease some of the frustrations we had at times.

With so much time spent together in road trips like this, it's a perfect opportunity to spend quality-bonding time together. And we definitely grew a lot closer as a unit which could only help our overall performances on the court.


For our final night in Tuscaloosa, we decided to go to a restaurant that would so accurately encompass a traditional and authentic southern meal. By popular demand from locals and my bosses at my internship who attend Bama, we went to Dreamland BBQ. 


It was amazing. It was a perfect little hole in the wall complete with TV screens everywhere (with football playing of course) and Alabama license plates hanging. They serve their food family style there. The waitress handed us all paper plates. It was almost like a big picnic. They brought over various plates of ribs, sausage (seriously the best sausage I have ever had hands down), baked beans, cole-slaw and potato salad. It was everything I pictured a southern BBQ meal to look like, except better.


In addition to their BBQ delicacy, Dreamland BBQ is also super popular for their banana pudding, so of course we had to give that a try. You don't see that too often back west. It was so unbelievably good. It's safe to say we feasted big time, but if we didn't, than we didn't really embrace the full southern experience and do Bama right.

While at dinner, the group sitting next to us noticed and recognized LMU, no not the LMU in Louisiana, but the Los Angeles one! Apparently all of them were from El Segundo, which we all know is located a town away from where LMU is located. So they all knew LMU and one of the guy's actually took classes at LMU this past summer. Ironic right? They are currently students at the University of Alabama and love it.


Since we had no matches on Sunday, we had most of the day to explore Tuscaloosa before we headed back to the west coast. 


Jamie hooked us up with a private tour around the legendary football stadium. It was unreal to say the least. 

We got to walk into the locker rooms and the boxes and inside the stadium itself. You can just feel how big football is to that school-so much pride.



It was a blast! We took a bunch of pictures for the memories and even snapped a shot with the mascot that we tracked down outside the stadium. It was an awesome experience and Jamie was so great to set that up for us.



That concluded our Bama trip and I know I am not alone in saying that the South did us well. We got to play some high quality tennis and fully absorb the southern way of life for a weekend. For some of us, we don't know when we would ever venture back there for another trip so we were so lucky to have gotten the experience to go and with great company to boot!

We're on the go once again next weekend! Some of the Lions will be playing in a tournament in San Diego. So let's keep that Lion spark alive and cheer them on!


That's all for now! GO LIONS!



Hey there tennis fans!

The end of October is approaching and us Lady Lions are grinding away out on the courts improving and getting stronger each and everyday. Five of us ventured to a tournament this weekend not too far away at Cal State Northridge. There were roughly 12 teams that competed from all over including Seattle University, Portland, Montana, and University of Arizona. And then of course a plethora of California schools including, UC Irvine, UCSD, Cal Poly, Northridge and Fullerton. Northridge has 24 courts, which was crazy so there were lots of matches played all day long throughout the weekend.

Each of us, (myself, Lisa, Ellie, Julia and freshmen, Audrey) all played at least two matches a day which was prime for us to get some quality matches in as well as try out things we have been working on in our grueling practice sessions.

Lisa and I were a doubles team and had a rocky start in our opening matches but had a key win against a couple ringers from UC Irvine where we came back from being down 2-5 in the 8-game pro-set to win 8-7 in the end. We held our heads high. We also took advantage of being a lot more aggressive with being on top of the net because that's very much our game styles. We caught ourselves regressing to the baseline too often where we could not capitalize cutting off angles with a sharp volley or put-away. We figured it out when it mattered most and were happy to get with W.

Audrey and Julia also played doubles together and fought some great battles. They had a solid first round match victory.

In singles play, Lisa played a great round this weekend and won 3 out of 4 of her matches. I went 2-2 with my singles. Ellie, Julia and Audrey faced some tough competition but never gave up and had some awesome matches.

With some fire in our bellies after a fun and competitive week of tennis, us five and Anna, Kylie and Andy are all off to Alabama this weekend for a tournament in Tuscaloosa for our second trip. I did not go on the trip last year but I heard it was quite a culture shock and should be a great time! I have personally never been to the South so I am excited to take in a little of the Southern hospitability upon our visit. We also will have a busy weekend playing some big teams.

The other three members of our team, Kristine, Jessica and Laura will compete in another big tournament, The Jack Kramer's tournament, local in LA. Wish us all luck! Those of us heading to Alabama will hope to rep some serious Lion pride.

That's all for now! GO LIONS!



Hey there tennis fans,

So our squad tripped it back down to San Diego for regionals this past weekend. We knew going in that every opponent and team we faced would be no cinch. Some of the teams included USC, UCLA, SDSU, ASU and others. Minor injuries here and there got the unfortunate better of us and we could not all produce our best results. However, there were still some stellar performances out at Barnes Tennis Center to note. 


In singles, Ellie advanced the farthest in the main draw after winning in the first round and then clinching a win over the No 13th seed from Pepperdine the Round of 64. 


Laura advanced to the third round in the constellation round, Andy advanced to the quarterfinal round of constellations as well as Julia.  As a doubles team, Laura and Jessica reached the Round of 16. Shout out to all the girls who gave it their all! All these teams are tough no doubt about it but we were right in there and hung tough through and through.


On Sunday, my co-captain, Lisa and I met Coach Jamie and Ivan along with other athletes and coaches from the Women's basketball, soccer, softball and volleyball team at the Santa Anita Race Track for a "Day at the Races."

Our LMU Athletic Director, Dr. Husak was there and joined by other LMU Athletics staff, alumni, boosters, family and friends. It was a great event and we all had an awesome time in honoring all of the amazing women sports here at LMU. Just to add another feather to my coach's cap, he actually started the very first women's sports team! So without him, LMU would not have a female sports program!


Lisa and I had a blast mingling with some of the alumni who were eager to hear how our team is looking thus far this season. We had our own private designated area for our event as we enjoyed a delicious buffet and took in the sights of the beautiful race track, and tried our hands at a little horse gambling while we were at it.


I actually have been to the Santa Anita Race Tracks numerous time with my family during the holidays. My grandparents were very much into the horse racing scene so I got to learn a lot about the horse racing culture and whatnot. It was definitely fun to come back there and spray a little knowledge on those who had not been to the race track before. 


Although I have been there before, my knack of winning in the gambling department is slim to none. I came home empty-handed and lost a little dough as it turned out. I was so set on betting on the long-shot for the final race of the day and because I always love to pull for the underdog, however, this time around, I was a little far-off....okay a lot...the poor underdog came in dead last. But hey, I gave it a shot, and had the outcome been differently, I could have proven a lot of people wrong and walked away a huge winner!

All in all, I think I speak on behalf of everyone who attended the event that we had a blast and it was a success! A Sunday well spent...We got to meet and greet with a jockey and we also got to go through a behind the scenes tour of where horses and their jockeys warm-up before they head out to the race track. It was awesome!

Going back to tennis, next up, we have a tournament in Northridge and six of your lady lions will be competing. Wish us the very best of luck as many of us hope to battle back from some of these little health kinks.

That's all for now!



Hey there tennis fans!

Our team is building not only in our skills on the court but also in our friendships. Both components are crucial to being a part of a team. Team chemistry can make such a difference with our performances on the court, and when we spend so many hours together with each other everyday, you only hope that your team enjoys the company of one another! We're all a big family after all. With four years experience as a lion, I can say that's undoubtedly true. And then dazzle that team chemistry in with killer skills on the court and then we are a fierce squad to be battled against.

We collected all of our raffle/fundraising money for our team in the beginning of the week in time for the Puppy Plop event that took place this past Saturday. Overall, we raised a solid amount and we are so excited for all those proceeds to go toward our equipment and traveling fare, etc. Perhaps one of the lucky people we sold a ticket to won the big prize!

Jessica, Laura, Andy, Kristine, Ellie, Kylie, Julia and Anna will all be heading to San Diego this weekend for the ITA Regional tournament. With a solid week of practice last week and double days on our academic day off (look at that dedication), we should be in great position to do really well this weekend! Wish these lady lions luck!

That's all for now!



Hey there tennis fans!

Four of your Lady Lions competed in a tournament in Long Beach this past weekend. Overall it was a huge success all around. Two of our freshmen Kylie and Anna teamed up in doubles to win the back-draw dubs finals over Grand Canyon University. Anna also killed it in singles and won her flight against the host team, Long Beach. Congrats to her... we expect big things from the little lady!

The conditions were not easy this past weekend that's for sure. We are hitting another heat wave once again so it was especially scorching on the courts this past week and well into the weekend. Talk about a never-ending summer, am I right? It's important that we are eating and staying hydrated more than usual when the weather is wildly hot like this.

This coming weekend we have a bye week from a tournament. We also are given the Friday off due to Autumn Day which was initiated by LMU. That doesn't mean that tennis team will be off however. We will kick up our practices a notch so we will be best prepared for the following week where matches and a tournament will resume.

On Saturday, we are hosting our fundraiser on behalf of athletics. It is a puppy plop competition and athletes have been responsible in asking for donations that go toward our athletic program. The proceeds go to equipment, traveling, transportation, etc. Sometimes we underestimate how big of an impact all of these things play as members of our respective teams so it's very important that we all are appreciative for being a part of a Division I sports program as it is indeed a privilege. 

That's all for now! GO LIONS!



Hey there tennis fans!

This past weekend was a big weekend for your Lady Lions as we started off our very first fall tournament of the season! Three of our players, Andy, Laura and Jessica, tripped it down with our assistant coach, Ivan to San Diego State. Andy made quite the debut with us and we are so happy to have her!

Jessica, Laura and Andy all competed in different flights of the tournament. Jessica and Andy both won their flights! Jess triumphed over from SDSU in the final. On route to the finals, she beat out the No. 1 player from University of San Diego (USD), in the second round. Andy had some great wins as well and successfully cruised for a final victory in her very first tournament with us! Laura advanced to the finals in her flight but unfortunately had to pull out due to a foot injury. With a little rested time and some healing, she will be able to bounce back! Not to worry! Laura and Jessica played an awesome weekend of doubles together and won a couple matches.

It was also Alumni weekend this past weekend and as I have noticed in past years, LMU makes it a big deal. They love their alumni and all that Lion Pride. I know this to be true because when I would wear any LMU gear around the neighborhood off campus, some alum would get really excited to see students like me repping their alma mater. 

On Sunday, they organize a BBQ for all the alumni where there are a plethora of booths that represent a lot of amazing organizations on campus, as well as some live music and endless food stations and food trucks. It was an event not to miss. This year, our tennis team had its own booth. 


We were celebrating my coach's 40th year as the head coach in addition to the 40th year that LMU Women's Tennis has been present. Needless to say, Coach Jamie was the founding father of our program! So Sunday, was definitely a call for a celebration!

Throughout the day during the BBQ, my teammates would work shifts at the booth where we were met by tennis alumni as well as others who were interested in hearing how our program was doing. I personally had a lot of fun 

IMG_2596.JPGtalking to the alumni. Getting to hear about some of the alum's highlights and experiences from their time here was a real treat, and it's crazy to think that in just a year from now, I can be attending this BBQ on the other side, as an alum...All the more reason to fully embrace and soak up my last year here. You only college once right?

This coming week, our tournament No. 2 is a local one, in Long Beach. Wish us luck! We seem to have a healthy squad for the matches ahead so we are looking forward to it!

That's all for now! GO LIONS!



Hey there tennis fans!

For the better three years that I have been a student athlete here, I have really liked our opportunities to give back to the community not only with the athletic program as a whole but specifically within the tennis team. Our involvement in community service keeps us well-rounded so we are not exclusively seen as "athletes" around campus. On Saturday was the "California Coastal Clean-Up Day." So naturally, Coach Jamie wanted to round up us troops and spend some time picking up trash at Dockweiler Beach right near LMU. It's so important to do things like that. And it's great to bring an organization such as our tennis team to participate because it shows that we, as a team are making a difference in the community. Impressed with our efforts to get down and dirty on the beach, Coach Jamie treated us all to a Panini brunch. Back-to-back Panini brunch outings with the team is not too shabby! (we also went last Saturday) I think it's impossible to order anything bad there.

We started up our kids clinics again as another way to contribute community service. We have done this every year since I have been on the team and it's a lot of fun! We work with about 20 kids ages around 3-6 each day after practice finishes up. Three or four of us girls facilitate clinics for the kids each day and we try to teach them a few pointers about the game and hopefully get them hooked! It's a lot of fun and the kids are so cute so we enjoy and look forward to those clinics!

Battling the ongoing heat has been no sinch this past month, but I will say it's a real test of our endurance out on the courts. If we can play in the heat, we will surprise ourselves with how much more energy we will have to perform at a more normal climate based setting. As Division I college athletes, we accept any challenges that are thrown our way because we do hold ourselves to high standards and we know that we can overcome them and excel.

In practice this past week, we played a lot of match-situation points and worked in some match play as well started to form possible doubles combinations. With a new squad this year, we are doing a lot of experimenting and we definitely have amazing talent so it is all about us utilizing that talent in the most effective way in order to play at the highest level and be a mighty force to be reckoned with come spring season time.

For now, we are gearing up for our very first fall tournament in San Diego this coming weekend. Four of our players, Jessica, Kristine, Laura and Andy (transfer from Stetson in Florida) will be representing from our team. So best of luck to those ladies!

That's all for now! GO LIONS!



Hey there tennis fans!

Your lady lions have just switched from an eight-hour maximum hours of tennis in a week to 20 hour-full practice sessions. This finally means we can all get a regular routine going so we can arrange our other responsibilities, homework time, meals, downtime with friends, etc. around our mandatory practice time. As Coach Jamie highlights in practice this week, our "time" is valuable.

As a senior who has watched these past three years fly by, I am living proof that time really is precious and it's super important to maximize what seems like so little time to work hard and get things done so that you can fully enjoy other times that are carefree-- times that can provide you with an outlet from the occasional stress from school and tennis. Maybe that's finding other organizations to get involved with on campus because LMU offers countless opportunities for its students.

Perhaps it's just as simple as a quick escape to the beach down the road once a week or finding time to squeeze in a trip to get acai bowls in Manhattan Beach every once in a while. Whatever it is, my advice is to keep an open mind and take advantage when you are presented with an opportunity as long as it is not conflicting to immediate responsibilities at hand.

On the tennis court--the workouts were intense this week and it's been encouraging to see the team support going around to help get us through the tough love and intense practice sessions especially in these blistering hot days that seem to loom around the first couple months of school. In the beginning of the fall season, there tends to be a heavy emphasis on the fitness portions of our practices. We are very fortunate for this because, fitness is most definitely a foundation for us to be a little bit quicker, more agile and athletic as we get into match play.

Coach Jamie treated us to our traditional team lunch at Panini Café, which has definitely been a team favorite spot for many years. Due to their extremely diverse items on the menu, and not to mention, delicious, it's nearly impossible to reach a quick decision of what to eat. The goal is try everything on the menu at least once!

This week, we will continue our 20-hour practice sessions and keep grinding as we inch closer to our first tournament at the end of the month in San Diego.

That's all for now! GO LIONS!



My co-captain and I had a captain's night out on Saturday. A perfect example of a solid friendship that formed since day 1 of freshmen year. I am so lucky the tennis team has brought us so close and I am so excited to be working side by side with her for our last year on the team!


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Hey there tennis fans!

We have successfully gotten through our second week of school. Things are starting to settle down and we all seem to be getting the swing of the whole school thing. It takes a little time to adjust and manage our time with all the responsibilities we have as student athletes, but no one is expected to get that all down right away. It takes time.

As an encouraging captain and as someone who's been in the freshmen shoes before (it seems like just yesterday) it's important to know to be proactive but patient during this first month or so of school. We are thrown with a ton of information constantly from professors, coaches, friends to family so it's nice to monitor everything that we are hit with. However, that doesn't mean that we are not going to get stressed or make mistakes along the way.

On the tennis front, we wrapped up our last week of 8-hour total practices for a week's time. We utilized that time for individual workouts, pilates, spin, strength training and conditioning. We also took advantage of practicing with each other on our own time. We're all looking strong and healthy and pumped to be out there on the courts. We are excited that we can finally start full practices this coming week so we can get a routine going and can work our lives around our designated and required tennis hours.

Bring it on week 3!

That's all for now! Have a great week




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Hey there tennis fans!

Summer has come to an end but the warm weather certainly hasn't! But hey, I'm not complaining and I bet everyone else who is fortunate enough to go to this amazing school in beautiful southern California isn't either. For those of you who are avid LMU Women's Tennis bloggers, you remember me, Logan Finnell. For those of you don't know who I am, Hi!  I write a weekly blog for the tennis team and I'd love for you all to check it out!

I am now entering my final season as co-captain with one of very best friends on the team, Lisa. I can't believe it! It is definitely a bittersweet feeling knowing I am headed for the real world at the conclusion of this year but I know I'm going to cherish every day because I am so incredibly blessed for every opportunity LMU has given me both on and off the court.

We welcome four new ladies to our team this year. A transfer sophomore from Spain, Andy Crespo, Kylie Waschuck from Canada, Audrey Marquard from Florida and Anna Romeka who is a hometown friend of mine from Monterey, CA. Anna and I grew up playing together and competed on the same high school tennis team. It's awesome that I can spend my last year as her teammate once again. I am so excited to get to know all of these new girls and I think we will have such a fun year ahead of us!

Since the first week of school is very overwhelming (especially for the newbies) figuring out our class schedules, seeing what books we need, finding pockets of free time for meals, homework, a social life and then of course, carving out that time in the afternoon for tennis practice it is nice that tennis is not as strenuous right off the bat because we ease back into it. 

Starting out, we are only required a certain amount of hours whether it's for a team meeting, court time or cross-training of some sort like pilates or spin class. This way, our team can get better adjusted to school and then we can be fresh for tennis when the hours add up for more practice time.

Tennis time may not be as frequent right now, but it doesn't mean we all can't practice on our own time! And already, I have noticed some of my teammates finding the time to get out there on the court or working out so that's awesome! We have to stay in shape at this time because we have fitness testing with our strength trainer, Jack so he can get a gauge of where our fitness level is after a nearly a four month long summer break. 

The testing has been different than some of the returners are used to because Jack was just added to our tennis program last spring. We are excited for him to jump in as our new trainer from the start of the year so he can watch us all progress and improve our strength in the gym that will hopefully carry on to the court as well!

After a long first week of classes, we were all happy about a 3-day weekend. We used the weekend for some quality team bonding! It seems that the new girls are feeling comfortable with us already, which is great. I like to say we are a pretty welcoming and supportive team. 

Because we are such a small team of 13 compared to other sports who have 25+ players, we are bound to form tight unique bonds with one another. Team chemistry is huge and right now, we are developing that very well. It's going to be a long journey but I am ecstatic about the road ahead and stay tuned for the Lady Lions adventures to come when we get into our tournament play next month!




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