Mental Fitness Coach Katie McKee Helps Lions Bounce Back

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LMU came out of the gates as the aggressor against Cal State Northridge Friday at Sullivan Field. But despite unleashing four shots in the opening 13 minutes of play, and 10 for the balance of the game, the Lions could never find their mark, falling 3-0 to the Matadors. This was a tough loss for the Lions, but with a new addition, Mental Fitness Coach Katie Mckee, the Lions look to continue their win streak on the road as they head to UNLV this weekend. The lions have a clean record of 3-0-0 on the road. I sat down with Katie and asked her a few questions.

Gabby: Hi Katie! Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself?

Katie: My name is Katie McKee, and I am a Mental Fitness Coach working with the team this year. I'm from Northern California, Danville specifically just like some of our players. I went to the University of Redlands. I graduated from Redlands in 2006 with my BA in Psychology and a Minor in Physical Education. I played 4 years of soccer and 1 year of softball at Redlands. I would have played 4 years of softball but I was injured and needed surgery the other years. Growing up I played every sport I could; soccer, softball, tennis, basketball, swim team.

Gabby: Shout out to Danville, CA! That is where I am from along with Cori McGovern and Marissa Zamora. Katie, the team seems to be responding well to you. What are some of the activities you have done with the girls thus far?

Katie: This year I'm working with the team as the Mental Fitness Coach. What that means is I'm mental teaching skills to help the team be able to perform at their best. Some of those skills include goal setting, ways to focus and what to focus on, helping maintain consistent confidence, breathing, etc. We've done some team activities this year also. We went to the Tide Pools as a team this year for some team bonding. We also did a team activity where everyone on the team, including the coaches, got a piece of a puzzle. Each person had to write on and/or decorate their piece with what motivates them or inspires them. It could be a picture, quote, song lyric, movie, etc. When they were done, we put the puzzle together, framed it, and it's hanging in the locker room. I did this with them because I believe a puzzle represents a team. Each of us are individuals on the team and bring something important to that team, and all the pieces have to be in place for it to be complete. If one piece were missing, we wouldn't be a team.

Thumbnail image for LMU Women's Soccer Puzzle.jpg


Gabby: Above is the picture of the puzzle. The puzzle is so unique and I know that the girls loved it. It was really cool how you included all of the coaches as well as the players. Do you have any specific goals for the lions this season?

Katie: Let's see. Some goals I have for the girls this season are to be able to look back on the season and know that they did all they could so they feel happy with themselves.  I would love for all the players and coaches to have also learned one or more mental skills throughout the course of the season so that they can carry that with them beyond the soccer field.

Gabby: Mental skills are very valuable whether you are on the soccer field or off so that is a very positive and important goal! Have you enjoyed working with the girls?

Katie: I absolutely love working with the team this year. It's great to be part of a college soccer team again. My favorite part is working with the team in a group or individual setting and to see what we work on make a difference for them. That's why I got into this profession, and if I can help at least one player or coach this year, it makes is so worth it!

Gabby: Thats awesome Katie! Now, can you give me three random facts about yourself?

Katie: This is probably the hardest question!! Ok. Elephants are my favorite animal. I've had 5 sports injury related surgeries. And...I'm a milk chocolate kind of girl!

Gabby: Thank you Katie! You are a huge asset to this team! For more information about Katie and her business, click here for Katie's Website.

Check back next week to see pictures and hear about the Lion's trip to Las Vegas after they face the UNLV Rebels for their last preseason match. You can follow the game on Sunday at 4pm by going on our website. Follow this link to gametracker: LMU vs. UNLV.


"What lies behind us and what lies beyond us are small matters compared to what lies within us. And when we bring what lies within us out into the world, miracles happen." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

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