Tough Loss Lights Fire

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This weekend the Lions lost in double overtime to Rutgers University on Friday. The girls did not take this loss lightly. The loss lit fire under their belts and the Lions took out their anger on CSU Bakersfield and won 3-0 on Sunday. Sophomore defender Etajha Gilmer scored for the Lions on Friday while Freshman Linda Bakker scored twice for the Lions on Sunday and Junior Cori McGovern had the third goal.


This week we looked at Sophomore Forward Tawni Martino's pre-game routine on Sunday vs. CSU Bakersfield. Every athlete has their own superstition and ways to get ready for games. Here is how Tawni Martino gets ready for hers...

Sunday September 4, 2011 LMU vs CSU Bakersfield

8:45 AM: Wake Up
9:00 AM: Team Breakfast in the coaches' offices. Breakfast included bagels, cereal, fruit and yummy chocolate milk.
10:01 AM: Walked to the training room.

10:13-10:59 AM: Had treatment and took an ice bath

11:00 AM: Walked to our brand new awesome locker room.
11:07 AM: Made my Facebook status and tweeted, "GAME DAY! GO LIONS! Rawrrr!"
11:15 AM: Listened to music with all the girls in the locker room
11:25 AM: Started putting on socks, cleats, shin guards, etc.
11:35 AM: Put my own headphones in and listened to music to get in the zone.
11:52 AM: Team ritual "clap"

11:55 AM: Coaches came in for team pre-game talk

12:12 PM: walk out to field for warm up


Tawni chocolate milk.jpgTawni headphones.jpgTawni playing.jpg

Gabby: Do you have any superstitions or routines that you do prior to every game?

Tawni: I have a couple superstitions and routines that I do before every game. I always wear the same sliders for every game and I have this yellow sweatband that I always wear on my left arm. I also make sure to listen to my own music to "get in the zone" and once we step on the field, I do a special handshake with Tata (Etajha Gilmer).

Gabby: What is your favorite part about game day?

Tawni: I think my favorite part about game day is just the environment and enthusiasm from all of my teammates and the fans. I love stepping on the field ready to play some soccer.

Gabby: What time of music do you listen to before the game to get ready?

Tawni: Most of the time I listen to hip-hop, rap, and electronica music but sometimes I also listen to pop. Anything that can get me amped up or if it's popular right now I'll listen to it.


Thank you Tawni for letting us see your game day routine! The Lions will head to Fullerton at 7pm on Friday and will be home again Sunday vs SMU at 1pm. See you there!


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